Monday Blues, National Dog Day and Dog Days of Summer

There’s nothing worse than a Monday unless it’s a Monday when you have to go the gynecologist, too. And unless it’s so hot that at 6 PM the “feels like” is 104 degrees. It was that kind of Monday today. So, I did what all good gals should do when they want to make themselves feel better. I stopped for ice cream.

FullSizeRender-1 It wasn’t just any ice cream. I thought and thought about what would be a real treat for me. I haven’t had ice cream since … sincewell, I did have ice cream on vacation, but that was vacation. So, I haven’t had ice cream in BATON ROUGE in a very long time. All of a sudden I remembered that Cold Stone Creamery was over by Whole Foods. Num Num Num Num…. I dodged all kinds of traffic to get there.

“What size do you want?” said the young man behind the counter.

I said, “What do you have?”

He showed me each cup in every-increasing size and ended up with the big kahuna, the Gotta Have It size.

“How much is that one?” I asked. My eyes were bulging out at the thought of that much coffee ice cream with roasted almonds, caramel and Heath bar chunks.

“$4.99,” he informed me. Hell, that’s about the same as a coffee at Starbucks.

“I want that one,” I answered, and it was done.

I took it outside to a bench under a tree where it was quiet, and I could focus on my initiative. It began to melt around the edges. The top of the ice cream liquefied and got soft. I took my spoon and dragged it over the top and sides of the creamy dreaminess and scooped up yummy melted coffee ice cream laced with caramel. Then I grabbed a dip of crunchy almonds and Heath bar bites laced with creamy cold coffee ice cream. Yummmmmm …. it was so good. How could I eat that much? I did. I ate every last bite and sucked the last of the creamy leftovers out of the container. If Whole Foods would have blown up, I don’t think I would have noticed. I was entranced in my sugary quest to bliss.

Take that, Monday.

I almost forgot that Wednesday is National Dog Day! I found out about it last week. The website has some great ways to celebrate National Dog Day. I’ve found a few that might interest me. You don’t even have to have a canine companion to participate!

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 7.43.36 PMClick here for ways to celebrate.

I want a holistic spa treatment!!
I want a holistic spa treatment!!

Given my indulgence this afternoon, today became a rest day, exercise-wise. I ran 8 miles yesterday and walked for 45 minutes this morning, so it’s ok. I probably need to rest. I have a choice to run Tuesday and Thursday this week or Wednesday and Friday. I took a look at the weather forecast. It will be 77 degrees tomorrow morning when I get up. It will be 66 degrees Wednesday morning when I arise. Wednesday and Friday it is! I’ll do my TRX workout in the morning when I get up. I’ll be in the air conditioning.

It’s so hot outside, I have my own beach umbrellas growing!


Bella is already getting started on her TRX program!


I just started working out with a TRX trainer at home. I used to go to classes in Memphis, but I can’t find any here in Baton Rouge. It is the BEST workout. Runner’s World reminded me the other day that it’s the best core workout around, and I immediately bought a trainer for myself. I thought I would die the first time I used it, but I’m getting stronger each time. This workout works, and all I have to do is keep watching this video of smoking hot Drew Brees using it to keep me motivated.

I want that core!!! And that ass!! And those biceps!!

Happy National Dog Day, y’all. And eat some ice cream and exercise. They are both good for what ails you.

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