Sunday Night-Check In: Walking in the Woods

I saw this message on my run

For a weekend when I had nothing planned, and the weather looked like it was going to suck in the worst way I can imagine – hot as Hades – it turned out pretty darn good. I did sweat so much that I’m sick of taking showers, and I can’t stop drinking water because my body feels like the Sahara desert on the inside. But, I had a good time getting sweaty, and I guess that’s all that matters.

Pics from my run around the City Park Lakes…

I went to my brother Sammy’s house for a steak and crawfish étouffée birthday dinner for him. It had been forever since I’d been over. He’s had some awful elbow, problems, staff infection and several surgeries that have made his summer difficult to navigate, but I’m just grateful he is alive and has all of his limbs. Apparently, both could have been in jeopardy had it not been for a great doctor and catching it in time. Whew! Happy Birthday to you, Sammy!


I had to call it an early night because an 11-miler loomed on my to-do list for Saturday. I knew it would be hot. The cooler temps last week didn’t last, and the weatherman is a damn liar, and all of the summer heat came back like a furnace that won’t turn off even though my thermostat is set much lower. It was too hot for Ashok to go, so I took off with a bad attitude. I knew I’d have to change that, or it was going to be a long 11 miles. I worked really hard to find some pics to take and told myself that I could take it as slow I wanted. I said hello and smiled at everybody hoping to build some positive energy. It worked, and I actually felt really good when I was done.

This is what happens to my hair on one of those long, sweaty runs…. but then DevaCurl saves the day! I didn’t even wash it. 

The rest of the day I laid around and read “A Walk in the Woods.” All of my animals climbed up in bed with me, and we had a lazy day. My stomach was a bit torn up. It does that when I do those really long runs on really hot days. My whole body rebels. So, I took it easy and went to bed early. I knew that today would be a better day, and I was looking forward to it.

Since I didn’t take Ashok yesterday, I got up early this morning and took her out to Bogue Chitto State Park. They have a 5-mile loop trail that goes along the edge of the gorge and then follows the river. I hiked it a couple of years ago, but didn’t remember liking it as much as I did today. (I looked up my blog, and I guess I did like it. I just didn’t remember it!) It was beautiful. A little sandy stream ran through the gorge, and Ashok got several chances to wade around and drink from the stream and the river. It was really hot, and, by the end of the hike, I was again soaking wet and ready to go home to the air conditioning.


I had a coffee date with my friend Dyer, and I had to hurry to get ready once I got home. We sat outside because the AC was too cool inside, and, once again, I was sweating. When I got home, I was just so burnt out from the heat and the AC and the heat and the AC that I crawled up in bed and rested for awhile. Now I’m baking some sweet potatoes and roasted brussels sprouts for dinner. I splurged today on lunch, and my tummy is wanting some healthy food. But, I have to say I enjoyed the greasy, yummy goodness of Cane’s fried chicken and fixin’s after hiking all morning. It was comfort food at its best.


Y’all have a good week and stay cool. I know the rest of the world is getting cooler, but we’re still in this damned heat, and I’m not too happy about it. They are promising a little cool front this week, but I don’t trust them any more. I’ll just take it as it comes, I guess. What’s a girl to do?

Enjoy some pics from Bogue Chitto State Park.

The boardwalk down into the gorge and a pretty little sandy stream…

The wildflowers and critter tracks down by the river….

The Bogue Chitto River

Streams, picnic areas and other scenes along the trail…

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