What is Mine Will Come to Me: No Chasing Required


I was telling a friend yesterday that I had updated my professional blog to make it more of a website. I have plans to build some case studies of work I’ve done and to add some testimonials and/or recommendations from people I’ve worked with. I’m trying to get some freelance writing or instructional design or project management work. But, I’m trying to approach it in a different way than I’ve done in the past.

I met with the career counselor at the library last week, and we discussed my blog, my writing, my skills and ways to make money from any or all of it. I’ve tried applying for contract jobs, freelance writing jobs and all kinds of flexible jobs to get some extra income. But, nothing seems to be happening. I did get a little writing job once, but they never got the pieces together on their end, and I never got a writing project. It has been really frustrating.

So, when I talked to Ann – the library counselor – we discussed work/life balance and trying to get secondary work. She reminded me that my hiking and exercise gives me energy to be creative and productive, so I need to keep time in my schedule for those things. I decided to schedule about 8-10 hours per week in the building of my little freelance career and let go of the outcome. We also discussed the principle I had learned during the Artist’s Way. There will be people who want my work. There is abundance in the Universe. I don’t have to fight for my spot.

Saturday, I spent a couple of hours updating my professional blog’s site, and I updated my “About Sharon” description to include things that I wanted to do – not just those things I’ve done. It’s going to take me awhile to get everything up on there that I’d like. I need some writing samples. I need some examples of my instructional design work – without showing any proprietary stuff from my former employers. But, I’ve decided to do it little by little trusting that if I’m supposed to do freelance work, it will find me. I have to keep walking and make sure I network and make contacts and set up my marketing, but I don’t have to force it to happen. I don’t have to chase it.


This morning I got out my “Book of Runes” and asked for some wisdom for my day. I drew Ehwaz – which looks like the letter M. I drew it reversed. Ehwaz means Movement, The Horse or Progress. It tells me that in some area of my life I am making slow progress. Reversed, it urges me to remember that not every opportunity in life is open to me. Some opportunities are just not appropriate for my situation. So, who knows if freelance opportunities are open to me or not? I take that as reassurance that I’m headed in the right direction, and I don’t need to get too tied to the outcome. If it happens, it happens. If it doesn’t, it doesn’t. If I keep balanced and don’t get too obsessed, I’ll enjoy the journey, learn a few new things along the way and maybe meet some interesting people – all great outcomes in themselves.

I remember being obsessed about making my second marriage work and praying and praying and begging God to help me save it, change my husband’s heart, yada yada yada. I felt that if God hated divorce, surely he’d save my marriage if I really, really wanted it. When I finally left him, the doors of opportunity flew open for me. I got a new job with a 25% pay increase without even looking – a recruiter came to me the very week I left. I got a great new apartment in a fabulous area of town for the exact price I wanted to pay – by asking one person if they knew a place. My marriage was apparently not the opportunity that was appropriate for me. I learned that sometimes what makes sense on the surface is not exactly what’s best for me.

Ehwaz ended my lesson this morning with the very phrase I’d been speaking to myself for days. “What is yours will come to you.” Ahhhhhh … I smiled when I read it, and my heart did a tiny leap of joy. I don’t have to make it happen. I don’t have to chase it. I may not even know what “it” is yet. I just have to stay open and not close my eyes to any opportunities that present themselves. One of them may be the one that is the next best thing that ever happens to me. Wouldn’t that be exciting?

Happy Monday, y’all. I hope you have a stellar week.

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