Sunday Night Check-In: Super Duper Moon, Fire Ceremonies and Ritual


Tonight is a very special night. The moon will be a blood moon super moon harvest moon! There is a lunar eclipse (the moon passing through the earth’s shadow) on the full moon closest to the autumn equinox, and at the moon’s closest point to the earth. This means it will be a very large, blood red full moon.

According the Baton Rouge Advocate, the show will start here in Baton Rouge at about 8 PM and will continue until about 9 PM. The moon will be blood red while it passes through the earth’s shadow. Hopefully, it won’t be cloudy, so I’ll get to see some of it. Right now it’s cloudy so all I see is an orangey street light shining over my Rav4. But, it looks like the clouds might be breaking up. Maybe I’ll get lucky to see some of it.

I’m excited to see this happy event passing through. In ancient times, Celestial events like this were cause for suspicion and fear. Can you imagine seeing a blood moon harvest moon super moon over a prairie out in the middle of nowhere? I would imagine you would feel this was a very special random time and maybe God was trying to tell you something. So, why not take advantage of this historical excitement and make my own magical moment and ceremony? A friend told me it was a great time to do a fire ceremony where I let go of the past and set an intention for what I want in my life moving forward. So, I decided to do it.


Tonight I built a small fire in my firepit which has been sitting against my fence ever since I got here. Not only was this a fire ceremony but it was the first fire I’ve ever built in this firepit. It was set up in my garden in Memphis, but I never used it. It felt like a momentous occasion. I smudged myself with and Ashok with sage and set about lighting the fire, writing a list of the things that no longer serve me and tossing them into the fire with intention. The fire roared up and consumed them. As soon as the fire seemed to settle down, I imagined the things I want in my life going forward and blew them into a stick with a prayer and set them on top of the flame. It felt really good to think about what I want going forward and to actually do something about it even if it was just saying it in a prayer.

In a short period of time, the flame just decided to snuff itself out, and I was left with the coals. I tried to breathe life into it again, but I guess that small fire was all that was needed for this particular fire ceremony. I accepted it and let it die a peaceful death.

I’m happy to say that this weekend has died a peaceful death, too. It started out really rough, improved a bit Saturday morning with visits with friends, went down the tubes again Saturday evening and then improved today after lunch with my friend Dyer. I spent the afternoon with a group at the Indigo Spiritual Center for a special program, and it was definitely a high point of the weekend. I came away feeling supported and connected enough to at least tolerate going back to my life tomorrow morning. I still have a few hours left in the evening to enjoy my time off, and I plan to make the most of it.

I love ritual. In ancient times, rituals were very important markers of times and events and life changes. We’ve gotten away from ritual, but about 10 years ago, I learned ways to add ritual back into my life in a meaningful way. I have to thank Woman Within for that initial training, but I’ve had numerous teachers and guides who have shown me ways to make ritual my own. It’s just a way to honor the day-to-day and my connection with my self and God in a physical way. It helps me get grounded and be intentional. For me, it’s a sort of physical prayer.

If you can, get out and see the moon tonight. Invite your family outside, build a fire and have a fire ceremony. It might be fun. It might even be something that changes your life. Who knows? Maybe the Native Americans know more about the powers that be than we do. I’m open to following their lead.

Happy Monday, y’all. I’m hoping for a new energy in mine.

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