Slaying Demons Makes Me Giggle


I’ve been on a quest the last couple of weeks to raise my vibrations. I saw Lexlee for some energy work, and she urged me to do some things every day to keep positive energy going. I have a feeling that where I sit at work downstairs in the dark in a cubicle has a lot of lower level energy that never has a chance to filter out. So, I thought that would be a good place to focus my energy-raising efforts.

Every morning I’ve been getting up to practice yoga and meditate. I got my crystals out and smudged them tonight. For way too long, they’ve been sitting by my nightstand collecting dust. I dusted off the crystals, smudged them with white sage and now I’ve set them out overnight to sit in the moonlight. Moonlight or sunshine energizes them and will make them more effective to absorb negative energy. I’m all for having working crystals. I apparently didn’t understand all that, but now I know. Now, I need to figure out how best to use them.

I scheduled an acupuncture treatment today, and I’ve been reading a book by Tracee Dunblazier called “The Demon Slayer’s Handbook.” I went to her book signing the Friday at the suggestion of my friend Laura. With a name like “The Demon Slayer’s Handbook”, I thought the book might be a little “out there” even for me, but I wanted to be generous to another writer so I bought the book. I started reading it Saturday, and I was thrilled to see that this book is right on track with my current initiative. Demons, she explains, are not spirits but patterns of negative energy. For instance, if a person or group is stuck in a lot of anger or sadness or fear for a long period of time, the energy from those emotions form its own cluster of energy. Even when the person or group leaves or dies, that “demon” can still exist and will look for people to sort of pounce on. So a demon is basically a glob of parasitic stuck negative energy. I’m sure there’s some of that down in my dark dungeon cubicle!

Tracee offers very practical, down-to-earth advice for getting rid of negative energy – demons or just negative emotions. Of course, prayer and meditation are great demon-slaying tools. She caught me off-guard when she suggested laughter. It makes sense, but I hadn’t thought of it. When I worked at Whirlpool a long time ago in Knoxville, they knew me by my laughter. I laughed all the time. It was probably annoying at some times I laughed so much. And, I remember my nieces and nephews commenting on the fact that I laugh at everything. I actually don’t think I’ve laughed like that in at least a year … maybe longer. And I know I haven’t been laughing at work. The other day I laughed at something, and it felt really odd – almost embarrassing. Hmmmmm….. 

So, I posted a request on Facebook Monday for videos that would make them laugh out loud. I started looking for funny videos and cartoons that would give me a good belly laugh. Tracee suggests that I watch a funny video or make myself really laugh five times per day. They say children laugh an average of 300 times per day, and adults only laugh an average of 17.5. I know I haven’t even hit that mark lately. So, I’m taking my laughter medicine 5 times a day, and I’m seeing a difference in my mood. I’m happy to say that maybe I’m slaying a few demons while I’m having fun.

If you need a laugh, enjoy the below videos. My friends sent me these. I laughed out loud at all of them. And please feel free to send me your favorites! I’d love to have more.

Dog Humor

The Intelevator

Cat Shark

Talking Cats

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