Sunday Night Check-In: Just Another Weekend Hurtling Through Space with Web Worms and Wildflowers

FullSizeRender-1My energy is really low today. My mood is pretty good, but I just feel like being a big bum. That being said, I took Ashok out for a stroll at the Burden Center this morning, and I took a walk with my friend Dyer this afternoon around the University Lakes. But, I certainly didn’t break any land speed records, and I was really glad when each of them was over.

Burden Center Wildflowers

I had plans for the weekend. I was going with the hiking club to Kisatchie National Forest on Saturday morning and then driving over to Lake Charles to see the Lions play McNeese. But, at the last minute, both of those plans fell through, and I was left with a clean weekend slate. I was actually pretty happy about it. I didn’t have to spend all of that gas money, and I could get a few things done around here. I leave Thursday for a long weekend in Texas, so I want my house to be settled, and I need some rest.

Industrious Raccoons?


Unfortunately, my brain was on a weird trip this weekend. I couldn’t calm my mind for meditation nor could I settle on anything that I needed to do. I wanted to do a strength-training workout this weekend, but I could never get the energy or motivation to do it. I had a horrible headache when I got up yesterday and that just made me off-kilter all morning. I managed to go to the Farmer’s Market and get some veggies and fresh meat before having an hour long much-needed virtual visit with my friend Nancy in Michigan via Facetime. Later, I met Momma at Trader Joe’s for some shopping and gelato.


My headache wasn’t nearly as bad this morning, but my mind was still a bit shifty. I practiced yoga and meditated, and both were painful. I wanted to jump out of my skin. But somedays it’s like that, I guess. I may try do yoga again this afternoon just to try to settle down my brain before going to sleep. No promises, though. My weekend has been like that.


The Burden Center trails were nice. They are in the middle of Baton Rouge, so I never really got away from traffic noise, but the grounds are beautiful. I noticed that a lot of the Cypress trees had these webs all over them. The more webs they had, the deader the tree. It was pretty obvious it was killing the tree. The web was filled with little black egg-looking things and small worms that resembled caterpillars.

Web Worms

My friend Nancy, the horticulturist, said it is web worms, and they do kill trees. She also said you have to use horticulture oil to kill them. If you have them, click here for more details.

My friend Philip posted an interesting model of the solar system on Facebook this weekend. I’ve always thought of the solar system the way I envisioned it in Junior High with the planets orbiting around the earth. I think I made a model of it at one point in my schooling. But, it apparently looks very different as the sun itself is hurtling through the Universe at approximately 70,000 km/hr dragging all of the planets with it. It blew my mind to think of where I was on this moving vortex. How small we are! And yet it looks very different from my vantage point at the center. Maybe that’s why my head hurts, and I’m so tired and somewhat loopy. Just hanging onto the planet is a lot of work!

I have a short work week ahead of me, and I’m excited to be staffing a Woman Within workshop this coming weekend. I haven’t done that in 5-6 years, and I’m ready for an infusion of wonderful women. I know I’ll feel refreshed and completely supported by Sunday. And it’ll all happen while we are flying through space without any idea that it is happening. Isn’t that just a little bit bizarre?

I’m just sayin’…….


4 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Just Another Weekend Hurtling Through Space with Web Worms and Wildflowers

  1. I love that depiction of the solar system! It’s mind-boggling, isn’t it? It gives me even more admiration for things like landing probes on a freakin’ asteroid – amazing!

    Hope you have a great week and a rejuvenating trip 🙂

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