Sunday Night Check-In … on Monday


What a whirlwind weekend!! I arrived on Thursday evening and was assigned to a room with two women from the Houston area that I’d never met. I got to Choy-Yeh about dark, and I was beat after working half a day and driving 4 hours in Texas-Louisiana corridor traffic. My two new friends had known each other for a very long time, but we pretty immediately found out that we were all there to staff the Woman Within weekend on the 10th anniversary of our weekends. I did mine in Wisconsin, and they did theirs in Texas, but it’s consistent training no matter where you take it. It took about 2 minutes before we were all talking non-stop and a mile a minute.

One of my new friends/roommates is a mermaid wannabe. What she may not know is that she already is!!
One of my new friends/roommates is a mermaid wannabe. What she may not know is that she already is!!

I met some amazing, interesting and enlightening women – most in some type of healing profession, and I had a blast getting to know them and working my tail off with them from 7 AM until 10 or 11 PM each day. The weather was outstanding. Cool nights and mornings heated up to a comfortable 80ish degrees. I started every day with coffee topped with hot chocolate, and I couldn’t have been happier. I was in my element, with my tribe and on sacred ground.


Choy-yeh is a Christian summer youth camp just out of Livingston TX. I went for a hike at the only break where I had time to venture out for 30 minutes or so, and I could see evidence of the children’s outdoor activities. The forest was absolutely beautiful, and, although we were very busy all day long with staffing duties, having that gorgeous land around me made me feel like I was on vacation. In fact, as busy as we were, I feel more energized than ever. I didn’t get back to my house until 10 PM last night and then had a terrible night sleeping, but I didn’t feel tired at all today. I was still churning with feel-good feminine energy and the knowledge that I’d been of service this weekend in a big way. I can’t wait to go back again. And I can’t wait to see my new Houston friends again.


This evening I picked up Ashok at the boarder. Her bath made her sweet and clean. She had energy coming out of her ears after missing her walks for 4 days. So, I took her for a walk around the block, and she’s now sleeping in her kennel. Bella hissed at her when I brought her in. The two cats really enjoyed piling up in the bed with me last night sans the canine. Buster seems to have realized Ashok was coming back, but Bella must have hoped that it was the last time she’d see that dog. Sorry, Bella.

They are opening a new bakery about 35 yards from my house. It is right on the path where I walk Ashok every morning. When I moved here, it was a salon, but for the last few months they’ve had a sign out front that says “Tredici Bakery and Cafe Coming Soon”. I may have to walk a lot more if I’m going to be tempted to stop at a bakery every morning. I’m not sure if they will offer an early morning coffee stop, but, if so, that will be so convenient. I can grab my coffee before I go back to my house. My 2-minute commute to work will include a coffee destination as well! If it’s as good as Magpie, I’ll be in big trouble.

Traffic issues delayed my homecoming last night.
Traffic issues delayed my homecoming last night.

I am starting to fade a bit. I think I’ll wash my face and get ready for bed early. Maybe I’ll do some light reading before I go to sleep, and I hope I sleep better than I did last night. I ate sugar yesterday in the hopes of keeping myself alert on the drive home, and it ended up being a bad idea. I will never learn. I did better today, and I hope I sleep really well. Oddly enough, I slept like a dead person while I was at that camp even though they had those really hard plastic bunk bed mattresses. I slept so hard the last night I forgot I wasn’t home. Something woke me up, and I started looking for the cats to see what they knocked over. I didn’t think I’d be able to sleep well since I knew I’d be emotionally keyed up and crazy busy all weekend. I was pleasantly surprised at the great rest I got.

Buster Kitty did yoga with me this morning! It was great to be back in my routine.
Buster Kitty did yoga with me this morning! It was great to be back in my routine.

Tomorrow morning I’m going to visit the Farmer’s Market at the library. I need some veggies, and I can’t stand the veggies I get in the grocery store anymore. One of the perks of living here is the local produce that is available year round. It makes me happy as a clam. The cooler nights are becoming commonplace, and I’m pretty darn happy with the weather right now. And, after my weekend… and in the last 6 months … I’m settling into a really connected and nice community of girlfriends. My demon-slaying techniques seem to be working to keep my energy vibrating at a high level, so my moods are good. I’m learning to backpack, and I’m trying to find a nice vacation spot for the Christmas holidays. October and November are totally booked with fun things to do. At the moment, life is pretty darn good. I suppose I’m in a sweet spot … and it’s about to get sweeter with a bakery next door.

Night, y’all. Can you believe it’s Monday?


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