An Arkansas Adventure – Part 2

And for the rest of the story…

Midlife Moments

mappark Village Creek State Park is located in Eastern Arkansas…about an hour and a half from Memphis.

This is a continuation of yesterday’s blog – An Arkansas Adventure – Part I.

So, when I left the story yesterday, we were in a swamp-like area on the trail, in the dark, helpless. My Dad and my brother, Terry, were driving toward each other to rendezvous to head to Arkansas. I talked to my Dad last night, and he said I forgot one important element. When he got the call, he had already taken his sleeping pills for the evening and all his meds. So, he’s driving to meet my brother in a drug-induced haze.

Back at the State Park, the Cross County Sheriff’s Office, the Wynne Volunteer Fire Department and the Village Creek State Park Staff have assembled to begin the search for us. They pulled in a trailer with…

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2 Comments on “An Arkansas Adventure – Part 2

  1. WOW! That was certainly worth writing about. It was not your fault. I’ve been on poorly marked trails and it makes me so angry that a park would allow me to be vulnerable to getting lost.

    • Aww thanks. They were really nice about it and knew it was because of the trail markings.but I think the best thing to do in hindsight is blame it all on Rick. Lol

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