An Arkansas Adventure – Part I

Tonight I’m going to learn to use a compass in my backpacking class. If I’d known how to do that, I might have prevented this Arkansas disaster.

Midlife Moments


My sister texted me yesterday and reminded me I should blog about a big adventure my ex and I had about 5 years ago. I totally had put it behind me but I agreed with her that it was definitely blog fodder. Keep in mind that my second husband was a city slicker from Chicago. He loved hiking and mountain biking. Several years after we were married, I asked him how long he’d been doing outdoor things and how he’d gotten started. “I didn’t do it until I met you,” he said. Oh, my. I had no idea. I thought somewhere along the line he’d discovered the outdoors and loved it.

We’d spend most weekends trying to find a new state park or trail to hike or bike. We’d take off on a Saturday morning and sometimes not return until Sunday night. Those trips and our weekends were one of…

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