Trying to Find Balance


This week has been crazy busy. Every since my head hit the pillow late on Sunday night after driving from Texas, I’ve been running. And, I don’t mean running as in exercise. I’ve actually been struggling to get in some exercise. I ran on Tuesday morning. I’ve still been doing my 20-minute yoga practice, and I’ve been walking Ashok. But, I’m really struggling to get my strength-training going.

Earlier this week, I was talking to a friend about her workouts, and I started thinking maybe I should join a gym again. I cut the gym and started working out at home back in March when I was trying to get my budget straightened out. Now, I’m pretty good budget-wise, so I was thinking I might add that back in. I headed over to Anytime Fitness yesterday and took them up on their offer for a free 7-day trial. Their membership was a little more per month than I wanted to pay for a place that had nice equipment and facilities but no additional services, but I thought it might be what I needed to get back into my strength-training routine.

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So, I set my clock for 4:30 this morning to get up and go to the gym. I got up and realized today was the day I had to go through the washing thing with my hair which meant that my hair would be soaking wet when I went to the gym. Plus I’d sweat and get dirty and have to shower twice. Well, screw that. I thought I’d get dressed and head over to Woman’s Fitness Center to see what it’s like. I sat down to drink some coffee and surfed their website. My whole gut cinched up at the thought of going over to a gym and giving up that much time in my life for workouts again. Ugh … I just don’t know if I’m a gym person.

I’m honestly struggling with it. I like working out at home, but since I’ve been doing yoga in the mornings I haven’t been motivated to work out in the evenings. I can get my cardio in because I can do it in the mornings. I need my strength-training. I’m at the age where muscle loss is accelerating, and I have to take care of myself and make sure I can still lift things. After the way I felt this morning and thinking about the reality of going to the gym either before or after work, I decided I’m not going to do the gym thing right now. If I need a treadmill or a day at the gym, I can always go to the YMCA and get a day pass. I just have to find a way to motivate myself to work out at home.

My plan is to do a 30-minute strength workout 3 days a week. Last week I did it twice. This week I’ve done it zero times. I tried tonight but my computer wouldn’t cooperate, and I had to leave for a meditation group before I got it fixed. I was so disappointed. I was ready. I’m going to run/walk tomorrow morning again. I’m at least staying in that groove. It felt so good to run a little the other morning and get my heart rate up.

I’ve been in workout funks before. I’ve been working out all of my life, so there are times when I’m in the groove and strong and times when it’s a struggle. It’s a struggle now. That’s all there is to it. But, I am proud of myself for doing yoga and meditating regularly, and it is helping my mood a great deal. One of the issues in the last few weeks is I’ve been overbooked at night. I can’t plan on working out at night and then book every night with a social occasion. It doesn’t work that way.

Hey … I just realized that my social life must be rocking if I’m having this problem! That’s something to be grateful about! Maybe I just need to be grateful that I’m feeling at home socially AND I’m doing yoga and meditation and cut myself a little slack on the exercise. Back when I was exercising regularly, I was hating my lackluster social life and missing the results of my yoga practice. The pendulum just swung in the other direction. It doesn’t mean I need to quit trying for balance, but I’m going to stop beating myself up and go to bed. I can always get back on track Saturday with a workout…. and running tomorrow isn’t exactly lazy either!

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