Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 2 – My House


I probably wouldn’t have written today if I hadn’t started my new Love Baton Rouge Project. Today was not exactly a stellar day. Yesterday’s monsoon apparently leaked water onto my stop light relay in my car and shorted it out. That led to a series of repairs which includes the replacement of my windshield which was leaking water for a long time. Currently, the damage total is hovering around $1,000. Yesterday’s love for the weather took a hit this afternoon when I realized the total damages. AND … they have to order parts, so I’m without a car for two days.


But I’m going to soldier on and find something that I love about Baton Rouge on this crazy Monday. My friend Tiffany brought me home this evening, and she laughed because we got to my house so quick it was almost instant. “Yep. That’s my commute,” I added. I live close enough to work to walk. I literally live two blocks away. A busy intersection keeps me from ever actually walking to work, but it looks like I may give it a try the next couple of days if the weather holds up. If not, it’s easy enough to have somebody swing out of the way and swoop me up on their way in.


What I love about Baton Rouge today is my house. I lucked out getting this house. I had stopped looking and settled on a condo about 15 minutes away when my friend Jean Ann told me that I really needed to look in this neighborhood. She literally forced me to look. This was the first house we saw, and it was so cute that I fell in love with it. The landlord fell in love with me. He said he had about 55 calls on that house, but he wanted someone like me in here. So, lickety-split, this house was mine.

There are so many things I love about this house that it’s difficult to sort it out:

  • The neighborhood is great for walking with lanes on both sides of Capital Heights, and there are always lots of walkers, cyclists and runners about.
  • I can walk to a coffeehouse, my friend Beth’s home, work, at least 6 amazing restaurants, the Mid-City White Light Night Art Hop, the St. Patrick’s Day Parade, a yoga studio and my acupuncturist’s office. I’m only 5 minutes away from a Starbucks, Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods and 10 minutes away from Magpie Cafe. Location, location, location.
  • In a city with horrible mind-boggling traffic, I am somehow located in an area where I can travel to all of the things I ever need (with the exception of my monthly facial) without getting into ANY traffic. I often forget that Baton Rouge has traffic issues.
  • My landlord is so nice and so helpful that I have to wait until I’m ready for him to come over before I call him. Almost immediately, he’s here with his toolbox. And I can’t tell him to wait. The last time I saw him he thanked me profusely for renting from him and told me how much he appreciated it.


But my favorite thing about this house is the house itself. It’s adorable with it’s little 1940’s touches and clawfoot bathtub. The pictures in this piece are old, and I’ve bought a different rug for my living room, but it looks very much the same now. It rarely ever looks that clean, but it’s lived in. The size is perfect for me and my pets. I have a lovely yoga room which doubles as my office. I have a spacious bedroom for a small home, and I have a sweet little front porch and yard with a picket fence. I wish the washing machine and dryer weren’t smack-dab in the middle of the dining room and kitchen but that’s about all I would change about this place. I just love it. It’s sweet. It’s simple. And I don’t have to pay to fix things. And I love not having to pay to fix things. 


Although I’d like to have a cheaper cost of living and pay less rent, I have a bargain with what I pay per month. I’ve looked around. To pay less rent than I’m paying now, I’d get a LOT less. The extra gas money for commuting would suck up any money savings I’d realize. And, I save time every day when I’m almost immediately home from work. I get to work at 8:30 AM, and I leave my house at 8:28 AM to get there on time. I come home for lunch and walk my dog. Sometimes I even have time to cook fresh veggies for lunch. That saves me money, too.


So that’s what I love today about Baton Rouge. I’ll let you know tomorrow how I navigate Government Street walking to work.

5 Comments on “Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 2 – My House

  1. Your place looks cozy and inviting … Just as home should be!! The best years of my life were always spent in walkable neighborhoods, so … Soak in the loveliness of that gift.

    Kudos to you for finding beauty in a gray day!! 🙂

  2. Oooo.. Love those picket white fence. I totally agree that location and landlord are very important. The rest I could always buy and add on.

    • Yes, it has been a great experience for me. He lost his retirement pension at work because someone embezzled all the money. This is his retirement income, so I’m sure he’s very secure knowing I pay my rent like clockwork and often ahead of time.

      • Horrible that he had worked so hard all his life just to lose his pension to some scrum.

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