Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 3 – It’s a Small World


This evening I went out to walk Ashok, and my friend Alisa was driving down my road. She pulled her car over to the side and stopped to chat for awhile. My friend Beth has stopped her car in the middle of the street to yak with me several times while I was walking down Capital Heights. My boss even passed by one day and stopped to chat. I never know who I’m going to see roaming up and down the road.

The thing I love about Baton Rouge today is that it really is a small town. I run into people I know all the time, and I haven’t been here but two years. Sometimes I run into people who worked with Daddy. A woman in my backpacking class met me over a year ago when I was out with her ex-husband. Now we are in class together! The other day I ran into a guy at a meditation that I met at Whole Foods two years ago! For most of my adult life, I never ran into anyone I knew because I moved a lot. Granted, I know more people here because I grew up here, but I run into my new friends more than my old ones. And Alisa is from Denham Springs, so she has no business driving through my neighborhood, but she did. It’s always a nice surprise to run into somebody I know.

I keep reminding myself I’d better behave. This town is too small to be busted doing something I shouldn’t be doing. 🙂

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