Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 4 – Veggie Accessibility

My haul from the Farmer’s Market last Tuesday brought me all kinds of yummy veggies.
This morning I arrived at my office and was telling my cube mates that I had walked to work for the past two days. They were kidding around that they wanted me to be the health police over there and start letting me control their food intake. I guess I do eat pretty healthy. The weird thing is that I’ve never eaten healthier than I have in Baton Rouge.

When I moved here, I was worried that I would get fat and start eating all of this unhealthy fried food down here. About 3 months in, I started to realize I just don’t like fried food. I also don’t like meat very much. I never have. When I was a girl, Momma would make meat sauce for spaghetti, and I’d opt for butter on my pasta. Now, I’m all over sweets and carbs, but meat is just not my thing. I don’t think I’ve ever craved meat except for maybe the occasional burger.

So, I’ve loved the availability of fresh veggies in this town. We have fresh local organic vegetables all year round. In fact, the harvest in January rivals any summer harvest I’ve seen anywhere. I love it…. because I love vegetables.

My lunch today at Serop's.
My lunch today at Serop’s.
Today I had lunch at Serop’s down the street from my office and my home. I eat there a lot. I can get 3-4 huge servings of delicious cooked vegetables for less than $10. I usually have leftovers for the next day. I can’t cook it for that much. Today I had my favorite creamed spinach, mujadra (lentils and wheat) and sautéed garlic eggplant.

What I love today about Baton Rouge is veggie accessibility. It’s unbelievable here, and it’s sort of made me into a really healthy eater and apparently somewhat of an office enigma.

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