Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 6 – The Simple Things


The odd thing is that I’m finding more than one thing to love about Baton Rouge everyday. I feel them piling up, and I’m wondering what the rules are for this project. Can I post more than one thing per day? What if I had several things the day before? Can I post one of those the next day? The purist in me says I need to post one thing that happened each day in order for the project to have integrity. The colorful part of me calls bullshit and says I can do whatever the hell I want. It’s my blog and my project, right?

So, I think I’m going to post about all of those little things that happen to me all the time in Baton Rouge that are piling up. Here are some just from the past 6 days:

Mommy and Me Facials at Facials by Lisa Marie

I’d pretty much pay to spend an hour in Lisa’s presence even if she didn’t do the facials and love on my dog while I was in there. And there’s always a special gift waiting for me afterwards!


Walking to Work on an 80 degree day in OCTOBER!!

And spotting a woodpecker to boot…


Eating fresh-from-the-vine satsumas….

IMG_4012 IMG_4013

Walking into my lovely little office…..


which is actually drawing crowds these days. Yesterday I came back from the breakroom, and three women were standing in the opening to my cubicle.

“I love the purple behind the computer.”

“It just looks so zen.”

“The colors…..”

It made me smile that I was bringing people happiness.

And, last but not least, having the Magpie Cafe in my neck of the woods is a special treat all the time. 


So, today I love Baton Rouge for all of the simple things that I enjoy every day. See… I broke the rules just because I wanted to.

2 Comments on “Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 6 – The Simple Things

  1. You do realize that you are practicing the power of gratitude….the more things that you are grateful for the more things the Universe gives you to be grateful for…love this project…and you should post as many as you find all the time! ❤

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