Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 8 – My Growth Group


Last December between Christmas and New Year’s I went to a “Women in Transition” Meetup Group. The organizer, Laura, owned her own business in the same field I’m in, so I was stoked to meet her. I also met my friend Alisa at that first meetup.

You have to remember that I was in a pretty bad place between Christmas and New Year’s last year. So, I was particularly happy to meet a couple of like-minded women who were also in transition. Laura always says that we are always in transition about something, and she is right. So, this group is really for any woman … any time.

That day Laura and Alisa told me about The Artist’s Way at the library. Because I knew that was a transformative workshop and particularly effective at shifting energy, I immediately knew I had to do it. We did the workshop together and have continued on our journeys – sometimes as part of the Meetup group …. sometimes just as friends. Right now, we are studying Martha Beck’s book “Finding Your Own North Star: Claiming the Life You Were Meant to Live“. Sometimes I don’t read the book, but I still go to the meetings that are scattered about town in popular coffee shops. It doesn’t matter if I’ve read it. I still get something from the sharing.

Screen Shot 2015-11-02 at 6.16.45 PM

So, what I love today about Baton Rouge is my little growth group. We are all dedicated to growing spiritually, professionally and soulfully. I’ve met some amazing women in this group in all walks of life, but we all have one thing in common. We are trying to be more authentic women – for ourselves and for others. It’s always inspiring. Tonight, we’ll be growing at Brew HaHa. I can’t wait to see who shows up.

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