Project Love Baton Rouge: Days 12 & 13 – New Office and Magpie’s Coffee


I totally forgot to post yesterday. I got home, did some reading on dehydrating food for my upcoming backpacking trip, practiced yoga and settled in for the night. So, I’m playing catch-up today. And I have plenty of time because it’s a toad-strangler outside A .. G .. A .. I .. N!!!! I’m so irritated because I had tickets to the Southeastern game tonight, and it just wasn’t appealing to me or Gretchen to sit in the pouring down rain. So, I’m home … killing time and dehydrating vegetables.

A few weeks ago I posted about decorating my cubicle. It actually made going to work easier. Apparently, those gray walls were impacting me in a negative way because work seemed much better just looking at all that beautiful color. It appears that in order to manifest an office with a window, one has to learn to love their gray cubicle. Exactly one week from the day that I decorated my cubicle, I was offered an office. Perhaps the color was distracting other workers, and they felt it necessary to CONTAIN my colorful self. Whatever the reason, I happily said I’d take it.

I moved in Thursday. So what I loved about Baton Rouge when I went to work Friday was my new colorful office with a window. All day I kept looking at those sun rays beaming in lighting up my world. It put me in a happy place. Not only did it put me in a happy place, but, apparently, this is going to be a much more social location. All day long, people stopped by to look at my office and say hi. I guess I was hidden back there in the dungeon. I feel like I’m a part of the office culture now.

Today is the first day that I’ve had to really think about what I love about Baton Rouge. I’m hating the weather although tomorrow will be beautiful, and I have a hike planned with my new hiking buddies. I do love the location of my house because I was able to be productive this morning getting my errands done. But I’ve already written about the location of my house. Everything today that I loved about Baton Rouge had already been scribed. Hmmmmm ….

I had lunch with my friend Dyer at Magpie Cafe today. And we talked enthusiastically about their coffee. That’s it! That’s what I love about Baton Rouge today. Dyer is from Oregon, the birthplace of dark, rich caffeinated beverages. With the long, rainy damp days in the Pacific Northwest, coffee is a mainstay to lift people out of depression. That’s where my obsession with Starbucks began. But, he said that the hands-down best Americano he’s ever had is at the Magpie Cafe in Baton Rouge. “Ironic that you had to come to Baton Rouge to get the best coffee you’ve ever had,” I quipped.


I, too, think Magpie’s Dancing Goats coffee blend is the best I’ve ever had. Yes … THE best I’ve ever had. You’ll just have to try it yourself and see.

I believe their Dancing Goats blend comes from Batdorf & Bronson’s Coffee Roasters since the name is trademarked by them. It actually looks the original location is in Olympia WA, so the Pacific Northwest birthed this coffee genius. Today I tried it brewed with half and half and honey in it. It was delicious. I love their whole milk lattes made with it, and that’s what I usually get. I wanted to try it straight up as a regular coffee. It did not disappoint. For somebody who loves coffee as much as I do, the fact that I can get the best coffee I’ve ever had without traveling more than 3 miles is something to love. I wish I had a cup now as a matter of fact, but they are closed. And I just found out that they are now open on Sunday! I may have to stop by tomorrow!

Jay Ducote’s 2013 Review of Magpie Cafe 

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