Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 15 – Lexlee Overton

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About six weeks ago I met Lexlee at a Wisdom Teaching session at the Indigo Spiritual Center. I asked her what she did at the center, and she said she did Shamanic Healing. “I have to do that,” came quickly out of my mouth before I even asked how much it was or exactly what that meant. I just knew I had to do it.

Lexlee is a fifth-generation attorney in Baton Rouge who is making the shift from “lawyer to energy guru and soul coach”. I love those kinds of stories where people take huge risks to change their lives. She said that as soon as she heard the word Shaman, she knew that’s what she wanted to be.

I was feeling really stuck when I met her – as I have for quite awhile – and looking for direction. When I arrived at my appointment, Lexlee told me that she had tried to tune into my energy before I arrived, and she kept getting “where am I going?” I told her that was exactly the question that was nagging me. We spent some time talking, and then she performed her magic. By the time I left, I felt really grounded and especially light. She gave me a little gift to set up my own altar at home, and I immediately set it up and started following her instructions.


A few days later I received an email from her with a link to a meditation and the notes from our session. I really tried to take them to heart and be open-minded. After all, I had paid for this service, and I was feeling much better. Maybe this could help me get unstuck. She had instructed me to meditate and then do some automatic writing. I love the process. I write “show me, teach me, tell me” on the top of a page and then start writing. I’ve been told things like “just put this down and go play with that beautiful kitty over there”, “be compassionate” and “just have fun today”. It’s always been positive and supportive, and I feel like my soul is speaking to me.

I’ve felt in the “flow” ever since I left her beautiful office that day. Pretty immediately, I put a little sacred space in my cubicle at work. I started playing with crystals and discovering how balanced they make me feel. I even learned that putting an amethyst under my pillow at night helps me sleep and have incredibly vivid dreams. It wasn’t long until one day I could no longer be in a gray cubicle. It was as if it demanded that I splash it with color to match the happy state I was in. I even started to enjoy going to work again. I felt lighter, happier and more energetic overall. Most of all, I started to feel like myself … REALLY feel like myself.

Lexlee describes herself as a Shamanic Energy Practitioner, but she says she’s been called an Intuitive Energy guru. And, she is. I went back for a second session tonight, and it was every bit as amazing as the first time. This time she gifted me with  a magical fairy, a hummingbird and a yo-yo. I’ll keep sacred the beautiful details of what they mean and how she gave them to me, but suffice it to say that they are all reminders that life is a magical place, and it is meant to be enjoyed. The mantra from my first session was to “let go” and now I’ll add “and enjoy the journey.”


So Lexlee is what I love about Baton Rouge today. My first session with her really shifted my energy in a new direction, and her continued support is keeping me on that trajectory. She is gentle and sweet – although if she is a lawyer, I’m sure she’s a tough cookie underneath – and she is as beautiful as her lovely surroundings. Her office is probably what inspired mine. Colors and dragonfly lights and elements of nature such as wood and stones of all kinds are in the lovely open space. She has baskets of lovely stones, and she lets me play with it all. It is a happy place, and Lexlee – no matter what else she may be – is a lovely spirit who is shining light into my soul.

If you want to contact Lexlee, see her website for her contact information. You can also sign up for free video meditations and information.

8 Comments on “Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 15 – Lexlee Overton

  1. Sharon you captured my experience with Lexlee perfectly! I have had 3 sessions with her, including a soul retrieval and it has changed my life! Thank you for sharing!

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