Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 16 – Garbage Day

Okay, today was a stretch! I admit it. It’s a slow day for loving Baton Rouge. Nothing happened that I hate, so that’s a good thing, but there just wasn’t a clear “love” signal about anything except early this morning.

Garbage day at my house is Tuesday and Friday. That’s right. In Baton Rouge, we get two garbage days a week. Everywhere else in the country, there’s only one shot at the the trash removal. If you have stinky stuff in there, and you missed it… well, too bad! But not in Baton Rouge! I missed the trash call this morning. They actually came early which ticked me off a little, but I still should have put it out last night. At any rate, I missed it. But, I don’t have to wait a week! I only have to wait 3 days.

So today what I love about Baton Rouge is that I get garbage day twice a week at my house. I’m sure it’s because so many people around here eat and peel seafood, and it’s hotter than hell for most months of the year. All those crawfish, shrimp and crab shells stink to high heaven the next day anyway, but when you throw in the stifling 100 degree heat and astronomical humidity, you have a recipe for a stink that’ll blow your mind … and your delicate nostrils. I’d like to thank the wonderful garbage disposal folks in Baton Rouge for taking that crap away not once … but twice a week.

Let’s hope tomorrow gives me a little more “love” fodder.

2 Comments on “Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 16 – Garbage Day

  1. Believe it or not, Watson now has garbage pick up 2 days a week now. I guess the stink has gotten too bad out here.

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