Project Love Baton Rouge: Day 32 – Fresh Citrus


Momma took my niece to pick oranges and grapefruits today at a local orchard. I went to Sammy’s (my brother) house and picked up my sack of just-picked packages of juicy, orangey, vitamin C. As soon as I got home I cut open and peeled an orange and ate it. Citrus is the one thing Ashok doesn’t like to eat, so it was all my own.

I can walk down the street and pick citrus – lemons, oranges, satsumas and grapefruits – off the trees in neighborhood yards. I don’t because it’s their fruit, but it’s kind of cool that I could if I really wanted some. Michael snatched some off his neighbor’s tree the other day. They looked like gigantic lemons, and we couldn’t figure out what type of citrus he’d snagged. It’s hard to resist, whatever it is.¬†Beautiful orangey and yellow jewels hang heavy on the trees just begging for you to appreciate them.


It was 80 degrees today, and I took a 3-hour nap after I turned the AC down to about 50. I bundled up in my quilt and snoozed like a baby. I woke up chilled and was a bit shocked when I opened the door and it was so warm outside. I even trick myself into believing it’s cold. But, I guess without the 80-degree weather Thanksgiving weekend, we wouldn’t have fresh citrus by the bushel.

So, today what I love about Baton Rouge is the availability of fresh citrus. Now, I just have to get busy eating it!

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