Sunday Night Check-In: Weird-Ass Weather


I’ve worn a tank top all weekend. Today I wore shorts. And I was burning up. In fact, I got so hot that I started feeling a little sick. We were hiking out at Bogue Chitto State Park and had walked quickly to see if I could find my brand new freaking trekking pole that I laid down, and I got really overheated. I don’t think Ashok was feeling that great either. I mean… WTH?? It’s Thanksgiving weekend!! And it’s 80 degrees!!

Yesterday I met my friend Jo Anne at James Grill in Denham Springs. It’s the old pharmacy-turned-restaurant has great biscuits. We had  a great breakfast for $4.99 each and then went out to the Farmer’s Market in the parking lot. I chatted up several of the vendors. They had an all-natural make-up line, a beekeeper, a lady knitting scarves and headbands and a guy that made those paracord bracelets. Since I’ve been buying backpacking gear like crazy, I was interested in the bracelets. Lee and his son started this company, and they have all kinds of colors and sizes, and the regular, plain bracelets retail for $5. It was quite a deal, and I bought a blue one since I lost the last one I bought. (If you want one and can’t get by the farmer’s market in Denham Springs, call 225.571.4778 and ask for Lee. He makes all kinds!)

Meanwhile, Jo Anne pointed out a little piglet that was walking around. I was really interested in looking at that pig, but I had just started talking to paracord guy and didn’t want to be rude. She said she’d go get the pig, and she did. It was adorable but very stinky.


After browsing the booths and buying some veggies, some goat’s milk soap and my bracelet, we went to downtown Denham Springs’ antique village. The little town where we went to the bank and the hardware and the cinema has now turned into a street full of little shops. They also have a yoga studio. I didn’t buy anything, but I did enjoy browsing and talking to the yoga studio owner.

This morning I got up early and met Ratih and Kevin from my backpacking class and a hiking club friend, Kirk, at Bogue Chitto State Park for hiking. It was nice out until it got too hot, but I enjoyed the conversation, walking by the river and talking about the upcoming events with the hiking club. My next few weekends are tied up with hiking club events. In fact, every weekend until Christmas I have some kind of hike planned. I hope the weather gets cooler.


I got on the Farmer’s Almanac website, and it looks like we will have some cooler weather headed our way, but it still looks a little warmer than usual the next month. I’m keeping my AC on really low so that I can at least pretend it’s winter. How can I drink an eggnog latte when I’m sweating? It’s just not right, I’m telling you. This weird-ass weather is killing me. The good news is that they are predicting a cooler than normal summer! Yes!! Can you say July? I’m trying not to think about it, but maybe it will be cooler. I’d be up for trading a warmer-than-normal November for a cooler-than-normal July.

Screen Shot 2015-11-29 at 4.15.31 PM.png

I’ll be honest. I wish I had another day off, but tomorrow is Monday. I knew this four-day holiday would fly by like it was ten minutes long, and it has. Have a great week, y’all. Tuesday is December!!!


2 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Weird-Ass Weather

  1. It is quite chilly here in Houston so maybe it is headed your way! Mmmm…eggnog latte.

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