Project Love Baton Rouge: Project Aborted


Okay, so my ENFPness got distracted at day 34 of my Project Love Baton Rouge series. Can’t help it… that’s just me. When I decide I’ve lost interest, I’ve lost interest. But I think 34 days was pretty good! I had lots to think about and made myself be open-minded about the city where I live.

If truth be told, one day last week, I took a pic of the Camellia blooms outside my office. I intended to write about them but just got busy and never did. I love the fact that there are flowers in bloom pretty much year ’round here.

So, I’m moving on to my next project which is Project Write Whatever the Hell I Want. It’s fairly obvious what will happen there, and, if not, stay tuned. You’ll figure it out. I did enjoy having a focus for awhile. But focus is not my strong suit. I’ll admit it. So sue me.

A company here in Baton Rouge contacted me at one point to suggest I write a post about a product that they happened to sell. I replied to tell her that I wasn’t advertising for people. This was my personal blog and experience. It was weird. But I guess that’s the way of the world these days. They are not familiar with my tendency to Write Whatever the Hell I Want. 

P.S.: Midlife Moments had its best day ever last week with over 12,000 reads in one day. I finally went viral – but it was with a blog that I wrote 3 years ago. It was pretty funny. I’m still getting hundreds of reads a day from that post, but it is tapering off. I definitely think I need to be the Grand Marshall of the Lakeland Christmas Parade next year… or at the very least get a free eggnog latte. 


4 Comments on “Project Love Baton Rouge: Project Aborted

  1. I’m a Lafayette native who has been in Lakeland for 20 years so I can appreciate both places. Come back to Lakeland and the eggnog latte is on me!

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