Happy Cairn Box Day


When I went to my first hiking club meeting, I was introduced to the Cairn box. They pulled some of the door prizes out of the subscription box to give away. The president, Katherine – who is also my backpacking class teacher – informed us about the subscription box that costs about $21 – $25 per month depending on your plan. Each month they send a box of backpacking goodies that might include food, backpacking equipment and other assorted stuff.

After I realized how important and fun new backpacking gear is to my new hobby, I decided to sign up for a box. I didn’t want to pre-pay for a year at the discounted $260 since I wasn’t sure I’d want to receive it for a full year, so I signed up on the $25 per month plan. And, since you earn 100 points when you refer someone, Katherine got 100 points toward her next free Cairn box. I think you need 250 points to get a free one. Each time you review the box you get $25. Carryn signed up, too, and we’ve been anxiously awaiting the arrival of our new little boxes.

My box was supposed to be delivered Saturday but I received it today. It was delayed due to shipping which I’m assuming is a result of it being December. As luck would have it, though, today was the perfect day. I had a horrible day, and when I arrived home to my little box on my front doorstep, it made me smile for the first time all day.


I hurried in the house an opened it and found:

  • A collapsible dog bowl for Ashok
  • A sample of some specialty backpacking coffee
  • A sample of some kind of health wafer
  • Some awesome, cozy running socks
  • Fancy rubber bands
  • a bunch of coupons for some awesome brands including the ones in the box.


Carryn did not get the “dog” box. So, instead of the socks and the dog bowl she got a water filtration system which was on her list to buy anyway! It was perfect for her. We had been texting each other for days in anticipation of our delayed boxes. It’s like a little backpacking Christmas surprise.


So, we’re going to try out our coffee this weekend. Ashok will have an extra bowl which is perfect because I lose them all the time. I’m wearing those cozy socks, and, they are so nice, I really might buy another pair. The value of the items are listed below. I’m sure I could find them a little cheaper on Amazon, but it’s still quite a savings! I got $38.50 worth of merchandise for $25. But, the best part is the happiness quotient which is hard to value.


So, thank you Cairn! This was a pleasant surprise!

P.S. If you order a Cairn box based on this blog, please give them my name. I want my 100 points!!



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