Transmuting Fear Into Light


I had the opportunity last week to see the screening of Audubon the Film. John James Audubon spent a good chunk of his life in Louisiana and always said it was his favorite place. It was a beautiful movie and got me thinking about where I could see an exhibit of his paintings. I’d love to see them again now that I know more about his story.

In the midst of this beautiful movie, something happened that really saddens me. I contemplated what I would need to do if somebody starts shooting. I considered laying down at my feet and hope they wouldn’t see me. Should I run for the door? I caught myself before I got very far, but I realized that this is a new normal that I don’t much like. I experienced the same thing when I went to the planetarium for the Christmas tree celebration in downtown Baton Rouge. In fact, while we were standing outside, I found myself thinking the same thing. What should I do if someone starts shooting?

I read a lot of arguments about what needs to happen with the guns. I read a lot of railings against the Muslims. Everything I read is about the imagined solution…. which is always infinitely more difficult than it might appear to us mere mortals. If societal problems were that easy to solve, we wouldn’t have any for long. What I don’t read a lot about is the real issue that is bothering everybody. Because, if I can be mad (anger) or figure out how to fix it (bargaining) or even pretend it’s not as bad as it is ( denial), I won’t have to feel sad. I won’t have to grieve the loss of safety and peace of mind that I have had most of my life. And grief sucks. Fear sucks even more. I can grieve and move through to acceptance. But, I’m at the mercy of my fear.

A good friend messaged me the other day and asked me if all of this going on in the world is affecting me? She was struggling with how to be a good model of love and light in the midst of all the hate flying around on social media. I’ve heard loud and clear the silence of the fear. I was happy to be able to talk with her about it a minute because I do feel it’s important for us to talk about our feelings. But, it’s most important to get to the bottom of what we are feeling rather than be in the anger. Anger is a secondary emotion that just covers up our fear or sadness. It helps us feel powerful when we are feeling powerless inside. Unless we release the underlying feelings, we’ll stay stuck in our anger – or even worse – our fear.

I asked my guides to help me pull a card this morning that would give me some insight on how to deal with the fear that is just under the surface with most everybody right now. Not surprisingly, I pulled the Rabbit card reversed which is about … you guessed it … fear. I’ll let you read the story by clicking on the above link, but, in essence, Rabbit was cursed with the gift of calling whatever he fears to him. So, if he’s afraid of an eagle, he will call Eagle toward him and be eaten.

Here is the lesson. If you pulled Rabbit, stop talking about horrible things happening and get rid of “what if” in your vocabulary. This card may signal a time of worry about the future or of trying to exercise your control over that which is not yet in form – the future. Stop now! Write your fears down and be willing to feel them. Breathe into them, and feel them running through your body into Mother Earth as a give-away.

I pulled the Rabbit card in reverse which is indicative of the paralyzed feeling that Rabbit feels when he is stalked. The medicine card urges me to wait for the forces of the Universe to start moving again but, in the meantime, I should relax and take care of myself. I’m working on doing things that support my energy and not deplete it.

Take a hint from Rabbit. Burrow into a safe space to nurture yourself and release your fears until it is time again to move into the pasture, clear of prowlers who want a piece of your juicy energy.

The key here is to feel my fear and then let it go. I can blow it into a stone or a stick. I can let it drain into the Earth. I can write it down and burn it. Ignoring it (denial), trying to fix it (bargaining) or getting angry will never resolve it. It will only keep me stuck. I believe the world needs all of our positive energy raising the vibrational energy higher. We have enough lowering it, and fear and hate continues to lower the energy even further.

Kenny G has a version of Auld Lang Syne that I love. The music is interspersed with recorded radio broadcasts of significant events in our history. When I listen to those broadcasts, I realize that the world has gone through many periods that were tragic and scary. We are still here. I hope one day today’s problems are a distant memory, too.

I’ll leave you with that. I hope it will bring you hope and a sense of peace like it does me. All of us light bulbs need to bond together and shine. The world needs it.

If you want to know ways to raise your vibrational energy, please see these resources below:

11 Ways to Raise Your Vibration by Lexlee Overton

Demon Slayers Handbook by Tracee Dunblazier

2 Comments on “Transmuting Fear Into Light

  1. I’m on a jury this week and a few times I’ve thought about security. I’m still going to see star wars with the family and I hardly ever think about security during a race. We will get through this.

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