Campfire at Valentine Lake


Weight of backpacks:

  • Sharon: 41 pounds with water
  • Carryn: 37.5 pounds without water
  • JoAnn: 53 pounds with water

We have fire but only because JoAnn packed fire starter and a blowtorch. She has assembled a small condo next to our tents.We are just a tad jealous and concerned that we may not be able to start a fire in the backcountry without her 53 pounds of modern fire-starting technology.

We have to pare down tomorrow. We did meet a really nice campground host who gave us some tips on backpacking. Tomorrow-after restocking the things we forgot at Wal-mart- we will be off into the backcountry of Kisatchie National Forest.

More to come from the Badass Backpacking Babes…..

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