Day Two: Wild Azalea Trail

Well we made it to Mile 12 on the Wild Azalea Trail. Last night we camped at beautiful Loving Creek which was a gorgeous little setting on the bank of the crystal clear sandy creek. We were so exhausted we went to bed at 7:30 and that was stretching it.

I’m so glad we chose this spot instead of a mountainous hike. Carrying this pack is so much harder than I imagined, but I felt better with it today than yesterday. I hope my body is adapting.
The weather has been perfect. Apparently it is raining all around us but we’ve had perfect temperatures. We got a little sprinkle last night, and I was so toasty in my 30-degree sleeping bag that I pretty quickly became a naked backpacker. About 3 AM it cooled down enough that I got dressed.

Today we learned a lot…

We can readjust our pack and feel a little less uncomfortable.

People are really nice and helpful on the trail. One mountaineering teacher helped us with our packs. Another guy told us about water sources and helped us avoid issues tonight.

Woman fart just as much as men and so do dogs.

We as women are so much stronger – even physically – than we believe. We just have to put ourselves in situations where we can grow.

To build self-esteem and confidence, challenge yourself. It’s not a change of attitude… It’s a result of experience.

Some people can shit in the woods while others can’t.

A good team will form when each person willingly owns their role in the team.

Who needs a bath when you only have one change of clothes?

Buff envy is real.

Nature and people are fluid and change all the time.

Learning something new feels really empowering.

Backpacking is fun!

Right now, we are sitting by the fire and discussing getting out of our comfort zone. We may appear brave and adventurous, but it’s an action not a state of being. At some level, this was a huge stretch for each of us. And at this moment, we are all glad we made the choice.

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