Sunday Night Check-In: Mud, Cold and Curls

My curls were looking great this weekend!

Finally it feels like winter. In fact, I was freezing tonight. I put on my gloves. I could never get the chill out of my bones. It had been like that all day. I went with a group from the Badass Backpacking Group to hike at Tickfaw State Park, and I never even took off my jacket and gloves. That hasn’t happened all winter. Even at Kisatchie, I took my jacket off at least part of the day. But, today I was cold … cold … cold.


I was shivering after my friend Mike took me out for gumbo, I got in the car and turned on the heat. I was like brrrrrr… brrrr.. brrrrr. I looked at the temperature, and it was 48 degrees. I did a double take. I’d have had on my shorts in Michigan! Well, I might not have had on shorts, but I certainly would have thought it was a lot warmer than I was imagining tonight. I’ve become a lightweight. It’s disgusting.

Ashok fell in love with Duane

Saturday morning I got up and went to the Farmer’s Market. I loaded up with milk, grass-fed beef, sweet potatoes, kale, turnips and some wonderful whole-grain crusty bread. Later, I met my friend Alisa at Magpie and had some of their wonderful coffee and really had to strong-arm myself NOT to order one of their scones or cinnamon rolls. But, I thought ahead to how I would feel after I ate a sugary white flour pastry, and I managed to muster up the willpower to order their breakfast casserole. I was not disappointed. It was fabulous.

An old hollow tree that we found today… 

I came home, practiced yoga and cooked a great dinner with my farmer’s market haul. I was craving something sweet after dinner, so I made a cup of teeccino, milk and stevia. It was a delicious pseudo-dessert that I enjoyed while catching up with a childhood friend in Seattle. I had fun remembering my days up there and imagining how the area has changed without me.

One tired pup….


Our little group met up at Tickfaw around 9 AM for our impromptu hike. It was cloudy and cold but not rainy. The water was high, and the trails were muddy. We spent most of the time hiking on the boardwalks, stopping to chat and avoiding mud puddles. We stopped to talk at one point and heard a huge splash in the water. Several deer were spooked by our chatter, and they took off through the swamp. In the distance we heard dogs running something down, and eventually we saw two emaciated-looking hunting dogs coming down the trail. One was so skinny that it broke my heart. The park ranger took the dog and put it in his truck. I hope he found their owner or someone to take him that will get him back in good health. It made me really sad.


I went to a group reading at Indigo Spiritual Center this afternoon and came away feeling really grounded and connected. Mike took me to Acme Oyster House and treated me to some seafood gumbo and hushpuppies. It was delicious and a great way to end the weekend. I’m looking forward to next week. It’s my birthday week, and I have some fun things scheduled. I actually haven’t planned anything for my birthday, but it sort of worked out that I have a bunch of social occasions booked this week that will make for a great accidental birthday celebration.

Have a great week, y’all. 

5 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Mud, Cold and Curls

  1. Hey Sharon you’re right the hair looks great have a fantastic birthday week!

  2. I must say, lady … You truly do have some fabulous curls!! Did you always appreciate them?? Do you now??

    I’ve never met a woman yet who loved her hair as she should. 🙂

    Happy hiking!!

    • Your experience is pretty valid for me. I hated my frizzy curly hair most of my life. I straightened it not chemically and with heat, created helmets of hair spray, cut it super short and cried many tears over it. Now, there is information on how to care for it and products for curls. I discovered them last March. I can honestly say that I love my curls right now. They are so me and sassy and wild. It’s no coincidence that around the same time I embraced myself, I got the tools to embrace my curls.

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