Breathe In … Breathe Out… Ching Ching



Seven breaths in through the nose … seven breaths out. Breathe in …. breathe out…breathe in … breathe out. The rattle shakes… little shards of noise … ching ching ching …. breathe in … breathe out…. ching ching ching ching…. breathe in….. breathe out. 

The chestnut horse gallops. I sit behind an unknown Indian who rides with the wind. Black hair flying in the wind …. his head nestles close to the horse’s mane. I only know that he is riding fast through time to take me on a journey that is only in my mind. I ride and hear the rattle shake in time with the footfalls in the woods. I see nothing but his back, the trees, the horse’s head and I feel no wind. Breathe in …. breath out … ching ching … ching ching. 


When I awake, I am dressed in pioneer woman clothes. I have a long blue dress with a white apron. Dirty from my chores, my dress is worn and comfortable. I have blond, wavy hair tied back at the nape of my neck and big brown eyes. I am standing next to an empty corral as if I’m waiting for something. I turn and walk into my little house and begin to cook dinner. I pat cornmeal, milk and eggs into a corn pone and put it in a black cast iron skillet for baking. My one room house is clean but rustic. It is not hot, and I know that I’m living in the western United States before the country is settled. I look around for my children but I have none. I get the sense that there should be some, but I cannot see their faces. They may be in the future in this time.


At night, I lay on my straw-filled bed by a gas lantern and read one of the few books I have. My husband comes in and we giggle and talk over the day. I am happy … happy in young love and satisfied with the simple life I live. The lantern flickers on my face, and my eyes shine with laughter brimming over from the inside. I feel the feeling that life is very good.

I am a little girl running in the fields. My head stretches up toward the heavens, and I raise my arms to draw it all in. I start turning in circles and turn and turn and turn until I fall onto the ground in a heap of giggles and dizziness. I am happy, and life is meant to be loved. Breathe in … breathe out … ching ching … ching ching.

The next day I am alone. I walk outside and look at the empty corral. I wipe my hands on my apron and look into the sky. I smile. It is a sunny day and fluffy clouds create shadows in the dust. I giggle to myself about the love I made to my husband last night. The moment touches me. We are young and beautiful. I start to turn around, and an Indian rides up on a dark horse. At first, I feel a chord of fear. He rides quietly and slowly before me. He is alone. We look at each other.

I run … and jump … through the cornstalks. As I near the edge of the field I speed up and run full speed into the open grass. For a moment, I want to look back, but I feel a tiger beside me. Strong and very powerful, the cat circles me, assuring me that I am safe. He says he is here to protect me. I have no need to worry about tomorrow or what has been. Whatever comes will not hurt me. I am free to play…. and laugh … and twirl. Breathe in … breathe out … ching ching ching … ching ching

We don’t utter a word. But I know that he is here to help me. We look at the empty corral, and he motions. I understand that he has horses … horses to fill our empty corral … and we have money to help him buy what he needs.

I am a bond-maker. I create strong relationships… bonds with people that won’t be broken easily. I know it’s my gift in the same way that I know how to breathe. The ability to know another’s soul and touch it in a way that creates instant and lasting connection is mine. My calling in this life is to teach others to connect … to love … to befriend.  I have no doubts about my path, and I have the courage and tenacity to follow it until the end of time. Breathe in … breathe out … ching ching … ching ching ching.


I stand by the corral as the horses race in. Life is beginning here. They run in circles against the fence as if they are thrilled to be in this place. I smile. I know that my whole life is before me, and it will be beautiful. I look up at my husband and watch his face fill with the pride of providing for his family we have yet to begin. My heart fills, and I know that life is good … life is very, very good.

Breath in … breathe out … breath in … breathe out … ching ching … ching ching….



10 Comments on “Breathe In … Breathe Out… Ching Ching

  1. This sounds similar to the types of story, a life I would create in my mind. I sometimes come up with a story in a flash but never write them down.
    Congrats on getting this story written.

  2. Sharon, what a great short story! Beautifully written, colorfully described and unexpectedly concluded! I’m truly impressed and envious of your talent! You are an amazing woman and I’m so blessed you are around to inspire me! Keep doing that which you love; it’s obvious it’s something you are VERY good at doing!

    Best Regards, KAREN LOGAN


  3. Unreal talent . I caugh the part ” it was cool outside Midwest somewhere ” .

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