Happy Birthday to Me


I have never understood those people who don’t tell anybody it’s their birthday or those who suffer through them asking people not to mention it. I have always loved being the birthday girl. Maybe it has something to do with the fact that I only had 14 months of being the only child. Or it might be just because I’m freaking happy to be on this planet.

I mean, when I think about it, if I had never be born, my parents would have no reason to have gray hair. They’d still be young and energetic. They’d probably have a little more retirement money. My sister would have never discovered Bhan Thai in Memphis. Quite frankly, why would she have gone to Memphis anyway? If I had never been born, Ashok would be wandering the roads still looking for a Momma. My friends on Facebook would not even know who she was. Knowing her, she’d eat sand on the lam and not live to tell about the experience. If January 15, 1961 had come and gone without this little curly-haired baby being born, I like to think the world would have missed me. I’d like to believe that there would be a Sharon-shaped hole that people would notice. To me, that’s reason enough to celebrate!


So, I started a tradition a long time ago of celebrating the entire week of my birthday. I’m not a huge fan of presents although it is really sweet when people give them to me. I’m a fan of “presence”. I want to see your face more than I want to unwrap gifts. So, if a gift is the reason that you ask me to pop by or go to lunch, then so be it. I’ll take it with a smile… as long as I can see yours.

Wednesday’s Lunch with Jean Ann, Lisa and Donna

Today is my birthday eve. I will be 55 years old tomorrow. I don’t like the fact that it’s so close to 60, but it beats the alternative. Tonight I went to the Indigo Spiritual Center, and they led us through the creation of a Manifestation Board or Vision Board. I thought it was really appropriate to dream about this year the night before my birthday. Although 54 will be gone with a whimper at midnight, 55 will be ushered in with hope. My heart dreamed up a tree filled with words that have special meaning to me. Love … laughter … friends … camping … nature … even romance hung from the limbs. I hope to manifest more money and success. I even envisioned more gentleness, great curls and some time in the snow. I’ll continue to add until I feel it’s complete.


I’ve been taken to a Mexican restaurant, Monjuni’s – my favorite Italian place in town and got my monthly facial with Lisa. I visited my friend JoAnn and her husband Robbie, and she gave me some great camping gear.

Pink Cammo Toilet Paper!


Yesterday, I met some old friends from high school at Zea’s where I really overindulged with shrimp and grits. Then the waiter offered a free dessert for my birthday, so I selected the New York Cheesecake with praline sauce. I am not exaggerating when I tell you it is the BEST cheesecake I have ever put in my mouth. Last night I had some amazing energy work done that rocked my world. I feel better than ever.


Today my friend Amanda and I went to La Divina Cafe and I got a yummy sandwich and french onion soup. While I was at the counter, I asked the woman about their King Cakes. She said they were hand-made, hand-kneaded and really, really good. I asked for a recommendation, and she recommended the blueberry. I asked her about the tray of King Cakes sitting behind her. “Oh,” she said. “Those are Nutella King Cakes.” It is the best King Cake I’ve eaten. The cinnamon and Nutella are the perfect mix, and the glaze on top of the sweet, soft dough makes it taste like the best donut on the planet. And, yes, Michael, I know it’s not supposed to be a donut, but I’m telling you it was good.

Tomorrow, I get to have lunch with my parents. That’s a rare event since I’ve lived away most of my life. I was so excited when they called and asked me to lunch. After all, it was just the three of us on that day 55 years ago tomorrow. I think it’s very appropriate to celebrate it that way.

Nutella King Cake

The Badass Backpackers have been planning a trip to the Tuxachanie Trail this weekend. My friend Mike is cooking steaks for my birthday celebration by the campfire, and Blake is cooking up a chili for about 20 people on Saturday night. We have people of all ages and all walks of life coming out for the trip. Some will day hike. Others will camp, and some will even backpack. There are lots of options, and I know it will be a great trip. The forecast is cold for down here, so I packed my down coat. I’ll be car camping, so I get to be a little more spoiled this weekend. Instead of my regular inflatable sleeping pad, I’m sleeping on a 4-inch thick foam mattress the size of a twin bed. I’m going to sleep good!

I’m packed!

I’ll end my birthday week with lunch and a movie with my sister on Monday. I’m lucky that I share a birthday with Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., so I get a holiday every year for my birthday. I love my birthday. It marks the date that my soul entered this world. In my mind, it feels like a pretty special event. And I’ve certainly had a very special week.

8 Comments on “Happy Birthday to Me

  1. Continue to celebrate every birthday as you do as well as every day of your life.

  2. Happy Birthday, Sharon – welcome to 55! I’ve enjoyed it so far and hope you will, too.

    I am one of those sad souls who doesn’t talk about my birthday. It came from too many times when co-workers and others treated me with little or no regard all year long, then acted as if they really cared whether or not it was my birthday. The people who I care about know when it is and I am warmed by their sincere well-wishes when the day rolls around.

    Unfortunately, DH misunderstood this stance as me not wanting to be fussed over, so when the big 5-0 came around and there was no surprise party or extra-special gift or anything forthcoming (though I had thrown a great surprise party for his 40th), I was pretty disappointed. I guess your method ensures that your birthday will get its proper attention. Therefore, I’ve already started making plans for my 60th – if you want something done right…right?

    • Exactly! And I have to say I didn’t say anything to anybody at work. I only have one or two friends there. I want authenticity in my celebrations, too. We had a great time tonight with my new hiking friends. Stay tuned for the play by play. Great to hear from you. You’ve been on my mind.

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