This is my Story, and I’m Sticking To It

On my birthday, I’m going on a trip down Memory Lane. I thought I’d compile photos and places where I’ve lived. Warning: It will probably be boring to you, but I’ve enjoyed doing it. It’s kind of my way of scrapbooking, I guess.  You can click on the pictures to get the captions.

First, I was born…..

Town: Watson LA

Years Lived There: (1961-1979)

Key Events: Childhood, Live Oak Elementary and High School

And, then, I went to college……

Town: Hammond LA

Years Lived There: (1979 – 1984)

Key Events: Attended Southeastern Louisiana University – Degree, Bachelors of Arts in English Education, Worked at the Lions Roar Newspaper as Sports Editor, Worked in the Sports Information Department, Drank at the Brown Door

And, then I got my first real job… pics from this time…

Town: Harlingen TX

Years Lived There: Summer 1984

Key Events: News Reporter at the Valley Morning Star Newspaper

♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

And then I got married…..

Town: Monroeville PA

Years Lived There: 1984 – 1985

Key Events: Married John

And, then John got a new job at the Florida Times-Union…..

Town: Jacksonville FL

Years Lived There: 1985 – 1987

Key Events: Claims Adjuster at Allstate Insurance

And, then John got a new job at the Knoxville News – Sentinel…

Town: Knoxville TN

Years Lived There: (1987 – 1998)

Key Events: Birdkeeper at the Knoxville Zoo, Divorced John, Started working for Whirlpool Corporation

And, then I got a job in Seattle…..

Town: Kirkland WA

Years Lived There: 1998 – 2000

Key Events: Sales Trainer for Whirlpool Corporation, Met Steve and got engaged

And, then I got a job at Whirlpool’s Corporate Headquarters in Benton Harbor MI…..

Town: St. Joseph MI

Years Lived There: 2000-2003

Key Events: Project Manager for Whirlpool Corporation, Met Rick and got married for the second time, started practicing yoga

And, then Rick wanted to move closer to his kids in Chesterton IN….

Town: Chesterton IN

Years Lived There: 2003 – 2006

Key Events: Went to graduate school at Purdue Calumet, a campus of Purdue University – Degree, Masters of Science in Education, Instructional Technology

And, then we both wanted out of the cold weather…..

Town: Memphis TN

Years Lived There: 2006 – 2013

Key Events: Instructional Designer for ServiceMaster Clean, Accredo Health Group and FedEx Services, Divorced the second time

And then I decided on a lark to move home…..

Years Lived There: 2013 – Current

Key Events: Instructional Designer for Louisiana Community and Technical College System, Learned to BackPack and am still trying to love the swamp!


I’ve covered pretty much every area of the country except for the Southwest…hmmmm…..NEXT… :). I’ve owned 7 homes, 2 dogs, 5 cats and had 2 step children and two husbands. I’ve worked for a zoo, several major corporations, a yoga studio and a university. I have two degrees. I have so many friends that I can’t count them. Life has been good…and eventful. Enjoy the ride….

NOTE: When I tried to add Baton Rouge to my Google Map, I got the error message that I had reach the maximum number of stops. I guess I’m going to have to stop moving or start over with a clean slate!

15 Comments on “This is my Story, and I’m Sticking To It

    • I actually wrote this blog in 2013 but updated it with the Baton Rouge move and reposted. It’s fun to see how it looks on the map.

  1. Your story is wonderful. It is the story of America. You should write it as a screenplay. I see Diane Keeton as you, dear. Best, best wishes!

  2. Thank you for sharing your life’s journey thus far. Hoping that this last geographical move settles you here permanently (being selfish here). Looking forward to being a part of your future pictorial biographies.

    To be continued….

  3. Very interesting journey, Sharon! I worked in Kirkland until last week when our company moved to Bellevue. I miss the waterfront already…

    I liked where you said you worked for a zoo, several major corporations, a yoga studio and a university. Sounds to me like you worked for a bunch of zoos and a yoga studio LOL

    Happy belated New Year (the move really put a dent in my blog reading!)

  4. Happy birthday to you! You’ve led a full life with many adventures ahead of you. I’ve been so behind… got get back to it!

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