Day 2: Sugar Detox – Sweet Dreams

Whole Foods had plenty of temptations!

So I made it through yesterday with no sugar! I was thrilled. The cravings did indeed latch hold of me around 3 PM, but I drank some tea and ate some grapefruit. They passed thankfully. I do pretty good once I get home. It’s the work eating that gets me. I felt like a rock star for making it through.


I decided to go by Whole Foods after work to get some meat. Everything I’ve read says I really need more protein and less carbs to get through this period. I know that I don’t eat enough meat. I’ve never really liked the texture of meat. I’ll eat it every now and again, but I prefer vegetarian protein sources. They are loaded with carbs, too, and that’s not that great for my sugar cravings. So, I’m going to try something new. I bought salmon, hamburger, some salami and cheese roll-ups, a rotisserie chicken and even bacon. It was much more expensive than usual, but I felt like I scored some good quality meat for the next week or so. I can divide it into portions and freeze it for the future. I’ll only eat 3 ounces or so at a time anyway.


When I got to Whole Foods it wasn’t raining. I knew the storm was coming. That’s why I went straight there after work. My sugar withdrawal fatigue had set in, and I had visions of soaking in a hot epsom salt bath and going to bed early. I needed to get the salts, and I thought I’d get groceries while I was there. When I was checking out, the cashier told me that it was storming outside. “Oh, no,” I thought. I didn’t even bring my umbrella. I had four bags of groceries, and I had to go out into the rain to get to the car. The rain was blowing sideways the wind was so strong, and it was pouring cats and dogs. I waited a bit to see if it would slow down, but it didn’t. I finally had to step out in it and go for it.

My sugar withdrawal fog was so bad that I didn’t remember where I parked my car. Unfortunately, I didn’t go straight to it. I’m wandering around the parking lot for about 3 minutes in the pouring down rain. I was soaked to the skin. When I finally got to the car, I  could barely lift the rain-soaked paper bags without tearing them. The guy put the heavier items in the bottom tier of the cart which would be smart on a sunny day. But, on a rainy day, that meant I had to bend down and try to get those wet bags out of the bottom. They tore. I got even wetter.


Luckily, the cool air hadn’t moved it so it wasn’t that cold. I pulled up close to the porch on the house. “I’ll be smart,” I thought. I’ll just throw the wet sacks on the porch and be done with it. “I’m so smart,” I thought to myself. It was only when I got out and opened the door that I realized to throw the groceries on the porch, I’d need to stand right under the eave of the house. So, not only did I get rain, I got all of the water pouring down off the eaves of the house. All I could think about was how good that hot tub was going to feel.



I definitely enjoyed my hot bath. The evening turned around after that, although I still felt a little shell-shocked from the sugar withdrawal. I went to bed pretty early after doing a short yoga practice by SarahBethYoga. I knew that I would sleep well. When I’m not eating sugar, my sleep is so sound and so restful. I couldn’t wait to pull up the covers and close my eyes. I slept through the entire night and never even woke up until the alarm went off. In the past two weeks or so, I’d drag my butt out of bed and dread getting up. It took a couple of cups of coffee to get me clear-headed again. But not today… I was ready to go. I only needed a cup of green tea to get me started. That’s why I like being sugar-free in a nutshell. It’s the energy I have!

I’m so proud of myself for making it through these two days without sugar. It’s not easy. I’m not out of the woods yet, but I believe the worst is over. I’ve also been off milk and coffee since Monday. And I did all of my workouts this week! I can feel my energy coming back. Pretty soon, I’ll only need to sleep 7 hours instead of 8 to get enough rest. And I’ll be raring to go work out when I get up. I’ll be so happy to get back to those days.


The real reward awaited me this morning when I cooked breakfast. I haven’t had bacon in my house for years. I fried bacon, two eggs and grilled a piece of Ezekiel bread which doesn’t impact my blood sugar like flour. It was yummy!!! For lunch I had homemade vegetable soup with lots of beef, and I had baked salmon, sweet potatoes and kale with bacon for dinner. I’m full, I have a headache, and I feel like it’s time for another epsom salt bath. I can’t wait to go to bed again tonight and get some of that freaking awesome sleep.

I hope you sleep well and have a good weekend!


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