Who’s My Daddy?

Ashok loves her Mommy. They go hiking together … and eat together … and run together … and ride together in the car.

One morning Ashok woke up and wondered if she had a Daddy. The Pomeranians down the street had a Daddy. They didn’t seem to have a Mommy. Maybe he was her Daddy!


Then she realized that a Daddy would hug her and feed her and take her places, and he never did. Ashok decided that she would see if she could find her Daddy.

But where would a Daddy be? So, she asked her Mommy…



“Who’s my Daddy?”

Mommy said she didn’t have a Daddy. But how could that be true? She wanted to have a Daddy, so she decided to do an undercover operation and find her Daddy!


She remembered Gerry in Memphis. Could he be her Daddy? He gave her a bone and lived in that nice condo overlooking the river. Maybe he was her Daddy!


But then she realized that he was in Memphis, and they moved away from Memphis. If he was her Daddy, they would still be there.

So she thought and thought and thought….


“My Daddy must be out there,” she thought. “Maybe I should think of what I like to do and that will tell me where my Daddy would be!” Surely a Daddy would like to do the same things as their dogs!

Ashok loved to kayak, and she set off to see if she could find her Daddy on the river!


When she arrived, she looked around, but there was nothing but sand. There was no Daddy for her on the river.


She knew she loved to ride the golf cart on Graveyard Island! Could that man be her Daddy?

Then she remembered that was her Granddaddy! He couldn’t be her Daddy! She was really excited to know she had a Granddaddy, but she wanted a Daddy.

She loved to ride on a boat! “I’ll go find my Daddy on a boat,” she thought!


But, she was hungry first. Looking for a Daddy made her hungry!


“Could Jeff be my Daddy?” she wondered. “He likes to eat, too!”  she thought. “Jeff must be my Daddy!” So, she asked him if he was her Daddy. Jeff told her that he loved her very much, but he was not her Daddy. He suggested she go to the bar to see if he was in there.


One man seemed to really like her, but Ashok knew that her Mommy didn’t like to hang out in bars and neither did she. How could that be her Daddy? Even if it was, she’d never see him, so she decided that she should stick with her original plan and see if she could find her Daddy on a boat.


“Are you my Daddy?” Ashok asked the nice man in the red shirt. “No. I’m not your Daddy,” he answered with a laugh. “Maybe Ray is your Daddy,” he said. So Ashok went to see if Ray was her Daddy.


Ray really liked Ashok and hugged her and played with her, but when she asked if he was her Daddy, he told her that he wasn’t. He was much too busy with work to be her Daddy. This made her very sad because she liked him very much, and besides …. he has a nice boat.


Ashok realized that even though it would be fun, maybe her Daddy didn’t own a boat. After all, her Mommy didn’t have a boat except for a kayak, and it was no where near as nice as those motorboats.

So she thought and she thought and she thought…..

“I’ve got it,” she said! “My Daddy is a hiker!”


She waited for her Mommy to pack their bags to go hiking, and she was so excited! “I’m going to find my Daddy!” she thought.


But, alas, she took off with a bunch of girls, and Ashok knew that girls couldn’t be your Daddy. You had to be a boy to be a Daddy! She wasn’t born yesterday.


But she thought, “Maybe my Daddy will be hiking with us!” This made so much sense because she and her Mommy loved hiking and camping.

IMG_5056“I hope Duane is my Daddy!” Ashok thought. “He always has good things to eat and shares them with me. Plus, he has two little girls that like loving on me.” But Duane told Ashok that he was not her Daddy.

“I have two little girls, and I don’t have time to be your Daddy,” he told her. “But if I ever wanted to be a dog Daddy, you’d be my first choice.”

Ashok was broken-hearted. She might be Duane’s first choice, but he still wasn’t her Daddy. She was no better off than when she started hiking.


She walked over to Kirk and told him her story about wanting to find her Daddy. She was so sad. Kirk petted her and hugged her, but she knew he wasn’t her Daddy either. She could just tell that he was a good friend to have, but he didn’t feel like her Daddy.


Ashok hiked with Kirk back to camp, and she felt much better. Even though she hadn’t found her Daddy, she’d found a good friend who made the world’s best peanut butter and jelly sandwiches. That was something!

She went to bed that night and thought about where she might find her Daddy. She only had one more day to the hiking trip. Surely she would find him tomorrow. Her Daddy had to be a hiker!


It was cold the next morning, and Ashok put on her favorite pink and black fleece camping jacket. If she met her Daddy today, he’d think she was beautiful. After breakfast, Blake came over to pet her.


Last night he picked her up and put her in his lap. Nobody ever picks her up and does that! Ashok weighs 40 pounds. She’s too big to be a lap dog…. but not for Blake!


When Blake was petting her, she could feel herself getting very sleepy. She started daydreaming about Blake being her Daddy. She knew he couldn’t be. He wasn’t old enough to be her Daddy. Besides he was another dog’s Daddy. But, what a beautiful world it would be if Blake would be her Daddy.


Ashok was very sad on the way home. She hadn’t found her Daddy on the hiking trip. She had a great time running in the woods and taking treats from everybody. It was the perfect weekend for her. She fell asleep and dreamed about all of the hiking trips, kayaking trips and fun things she’d done since she found her Mommy all those years ago.

When she woke up from her nap, she felt ….. happy. She was really, really happy. How could that be? She still hadn’t found her Daddy but something had happened while she was dreaming.


Ashok realized that while it would be great to have a Daddy, a Daddy isn’t the best thing in the world. After all, a Daddy will sometimes have to go to work and spend time with women and get angry because she ate his dinner. Having a Daddy would be great, but it wouldn’t always be perfect.

While she’d love to have a Daddy, what she really wanted was a family. And she had a family! In fact, she had lots of family. When one person was busy, another one could pay attention to her. A family was so much better than just a Daddy!


Ashok was so happy! All of the pictures of her family started going through her mind. It made her smile just to think about all of the family she had. She couldn’t wait to tell her Mommy!


15 Comments on “Who’s My Daddy?

  1. Sharon, your blog is always a good read but this one made my day! Today was kind of hectic and even a bit stressful; but now my mind is purged of those thoughts and soothed with love and reflections of Ashok.
    Thank you for sharing Ashok’s story. She truly has the greatest Mommy!


    • Thank you! I can’t tell if I already responded to this. It made me smile writing it. We are both truly lucky. She’s a great dog and perfect for me. I always love it how our group is so protective of her around other dogs. It makes me giggle.

  2. Oh, Sharon. I can’t tell you how much this post warmed my heart. Ashok sure is one lucky pup. You’re a fantastic dog-mom, for sure!! 🙂

  3. You should write this as a children’s book. It would be awesome.

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  4. This is a children’s book!!! Adorable! You are both blessed to have each other.

  5. Late catching up on blogs, but this was just precious, Sharon! Lucky Ashok to have you and such a big and loving family!

  6. I love this. What a beautiful story. An adult bedtime story that can be for children, too and it has a happy ending. Thank you, Sharon. You are a bright light in the world.

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