Happy Singles Awareness Day


Happy Valentine’s Day to my lovely readers!  Before I start poking fun at a holiday that is fraught with horrible memories for me, I’ll tell you that today is a day to celebrate romantic love. The day is named after St. Valentine who is actually more than one saint. You can read more about the history here. My favorite story is that the Roman military found out that single soldiers made better soldiers than married ones and outlawed marriage. St. Valentine secretly performed marriages for those interested – thus ensuing that love would reign.


Remember, though – that in any of the stories St. Valentine was eventually put to death for his actions. It wasn’t a happy ending … but, then again, how many love stories end happily anyway? I’ll keep a long story short by saying that when I was married, Valentine’s Day was less than special. I’m not sure if it was the men I married, the relationships or just the holiday in general, but it was more of a forced march through the motions for both of us. The day just reminded me of what I wished I had and longed for from a mate. Needless to say, I’ve never been much of a fan of Valentine’s Day.


Over half of the world is single. You’d never know it by our cultural expectations. I don’t know how many singles are involved in romantic relationships at a given time, but I can tell you there are lots of us out here who barely remember Valentine’s Day is coming. The only time it bothers me is when I’m at work on Valentine’s Day, and the receptionist’s desk is littered with flowers and red hearts addressed to others – but not me. But, I’ve heard those women talk about their husbands. It ain’t a bed a roses in most cases. I’ll take the sting of one day over the sting of everyday anytime.


I do know a few happy couples who enjoy Valentine’s Day in all its glory, and I hope to have that one day. But I know better than to put all my eggs in one basket. I try to count on the love I have – whether it’s platonic love, girlfriend love, parental love, godly love or the love of life itself. All of these seem so much more abundant and rich to me than romantic love has ever been. They are truly worth celebrating. I think there should be a day for people who have lots of love in their life but no main squeeze. We could call it Freaking Rock Star Amazing Person Full of Love No Need for Labels Day. There would be no need for gifts because love is the best gift of all.

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Whatever your relationship status, enjoy today. I’m going to go visit my parents. It’s going to be 72 degrees… not a real strong reminder that it’s February. And, if you are celebrating Valentine’s Day with a romantic partner, make it a day where you commit to every day being an expression of your love to them. That would truly be a celebration of love. If you are single, count your blessings. It just means that the next year is full of opportunity for romantic love. Write down what you want and start to manifest it!






2 Comments on “Happy Singles Awareness Day

  1. Happy Valentines Day from another single person whose learned to enjoy life for all that it offers. And from someone that finally realized that living “someone else’s” life really starts to suck.


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