Random Tuesday Thoughts

IMG_5342I got home from work today and there was a blue tag on my door informing me that the gas had been shut off due to a gas leak and repair. Atmos Energy said I needed to call them to come out and turn my gas back on. My heart fell. I hate dealing with energy service providers. Those half-day windows are ridiculous.

I called the number, and I didn’t have to wait at all. The automated system recorded my number and told me they’d call me back in 6-8 minutes. They did…. right on time. She told me when I got home this evening to call them back and they’d send somebody out. “Tonight?” I asked incredulously. “Yes. Just get settled in at home, and they’ll come out, ” she said. I couldn’t believe it would be that easy.


I hung up and met JoAnn, Karla and Lisa at the LSU Greek Theater for the first ever Badass Mountain Conditioning workout session. We were going to walk the steps at the State Capitol, but there’s a legislative special session going on. Plan B was to walk the inclines at the Greek Theater. We all found it okay and spent about 30 minutes hiking up and down the inclines in the outdoor theater wearing out backpacks. It was fun and a great workout. We did a few drills and step-ups and called it a night.

I came home and called Atmos. The man that answered right away was really nice and said they’d send somebody out. I got another call making sure I was home and literally 5 minutes later Rogers showed up to light my hot water heater and turn my gas on. He was super nice and took care of everything for me. I was astounded at their great customer service. I immediately received a survey on the telephone and gave them rave reviews. The cable company could take a few lessons from them!


I got on Facebook for a minute, and I saw that my childhood friend, Lori, lost her Mom yesterday. It made me think of the times I went over to her house to hang out. I went as a little kid and then often as a teenager. I loved their little house. Lori had nothing but sisters, and all of them were stunningly beautiful. I always thought it was so cool that they had nothing but girls in the house with the exception of Mr. Huey. Make-up and shoes were scattered on the floor instead of the bats and balls that littered the linoleum at my house.


I loved the kitchen, and Lori and Mrs. Jewel introduced me to Pop-Tarts swimming in butter. I’m sure that most people probably buttered their Pop-Tarts but I never had, and I think I gained my first 20 pounds of childhood chubbiness eating buttery Pop-Tarts. To this day I pass by the Pop-Tarts in the store and think how delicious they are hot and buttery from the toaster. I don’t know if that’s the legacy Mrs. Jewel would want to leave, but she left it with me. I may have to go buy some Pop-Tarts in her memory.


This morning I treated myself to some doughnuts. I never eat doughnuts but the Louisiana budget crisis has me on edge, and I thought some sugary sweetness might just do the trick for me today. I had a honey-vanilla glazed, a filled Tiramisu and a maple-bacon doughnut. I spread them throughout the day so I wouldn’t totally melt down. I really enjoyed them, and I’ll blog about that place soon….. not that I need to be supporting sugar and white flour … buy hey, you gotta have fun sometimes.

I’m just catching up with an old friend from Michigan on the phone and relaxing for the evening. This was a good day in its ordinariness. I was present for most of the day and just let it roll over me like a wave. It felt really sweet.


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