Sunday Night Check-In: Being Happy


Today was a happy day. This is a happy moment. It was a lively, fun weekend, and I’ll write about it later this week, but right now I just want my brain and body to sink into that sweet, lush feeling of contentment.

I’m rested. I slept like a baby in the tent last night and took a long nap this afternoon. 

I’m well-fed with healthy food and had waffles with cane syrup this morning… a treat I haven’t allowed myself in a really long time.

My house is clean…. finally.

The weather was perfect today. I opened the windows for the first time since last fall. The cats sat in the windows and we let the fresh air wash out winter’s mustiness. 

I have a hundred memories of happy moments from the weekend skipping through my head right now. Friends, food, nature, teaching, learning, laughing… simple stuff that made me smile. 

This contented moment melts on my tongue like the silkiest dark chocolate truffle. It will be gone soon enough. I don’t want to scare it away by thinking too much.

Good night, my dear friends. Sweet dreams.




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