Sunday Night Check-In: Cinderella


I had a lazy weekend. I OD’ed on coffee and sugar on Thursday, and I felt so bad that I got up Friday determined to spend at least three days without coffee and with limited sugar. I knew I wouldn’t be on my game, so I decided to spend the weekend, doing yoga, resting and feeding myself spiritually and physically. I stopped by Whole Foods on the way home Friday and stocked up with organic veggies and good-for-me stuff.


I went to the salon on Saturday and came home in the mood to curl up on my chaise lounge and watch my favorite Cinderella story – The American President. I can’t believe this movie is 22 years old. Michael Douglas, Annette Bening and Martin Sheen are young and sexy. Michael J. Fox shows no hint of Parkinson’s. Presidential campaigns were run on who had the most character. In fact, part of the plot is Douglas’ opponent launching a character attack. The one thing that hadn’t changed in those 22 years is that the controversial issues are still global warming and what to do about the guns.

Final Speech by Fictional President Andrew Shepherd

When I first watched this movie, I fell in love with Annette Bening’s short hairstyle. I don’t know if it was the hair or the role she played that entranced me, but I remember toying for a year or two about chopping all of my hair off and I finally did. My hair is curly, so I knew it would never look like hers, but I wanted that confident, sexy look that said I meant business, and you’d have to be a pretty powerful, confident man to keep up with me.


Yesterday as I watched it, I felt less hopeful than I did 22 years ago. The first time I saw it, I was totally stoked that there was hope for me to find an amazing man who appreciated my style. It is definitely a Cinderella story, and the handsome President is attracted to Sydney Ellen Wade  –  a tough, no-nonsense political strategist – because of her mouthy, opinionated nature. The high stakes romance was exciting, and I really thought it was more realistic than the “pumpkin turned into a carriage” story. My experience tells me that most men are looking for something completely different than a real-life Sydney Ellen Wade. Another Cinderella fantasy bites the dust.

I enjoyed the fantasy so much yesterday that I watched it again today. I cried both times – overcome with emotion that someday there might be a prince that appreciates my feisty, sassy nature and will be moved to fight for me even though that will surely mean trouble in the long run. But, it’s only a movie, and I’m now left to washing clothes and cleaning up supper dishes like a regular Cinderella after the ball is just a memory. There’s no glass slipper laying around unmatched to bring me a spark of hope. I just have to go to work tomorrow like usual.


I went for a run on this beautiful day with Ashok. She was so happy to get out. We ran around the Capitol grounds, through Spanish Town and by the new IBM building downtown. I noticed a new market opened downtown, and I made a point to stop by on the way home. Matherne’s Market is really nice and offers a full-service grocery store in the middle of downtown with organic vegetables, a sushi chef, fresh-ground peanut butter and bistro seating. The prices were good, too. I bought a few items and headed home.

Last night I went to a Gong Bath at the Red Shoes. It was amazing. A brother and sister duo played singing bowls, windchimes, gongs and assorted similar instruments for an hour and a half while we laid on yoga mats and let the sound wash over us. After the last few weeks, I’ve been practicing yoga daily and meditating, and I thought this Gong Bath would help me vibrate at a whole new level. At one point during the evening, I got cold and tried to pull my sleeves down over my bare hands. My body was vibrating right along with the gongs and I could barely control my movements. It was like getting a full body massage from the inside out with no one touching me. I came home feeling incredibly grounded and energized, but slept like a baby.


I feel rested. I feel really grounded. I ate well this weekend and exercised. I even went to the YMCA for a steam bath and whirlpool bath. I practiced yoga, drank green tea and read Undaunted Courage. I did feel a bit lonely, but I didn’t have the energy to interact with much of anybody. The quiet weekend retreat was sort of just what I needed.





I hope you have a great week ahead. I’m hoping to get to the mountains next weekend. Who knows? Maybe I’ll find that Prince Charming on the side of a mountain in Tennessee. And I can simplify things by leaving him a Midlife Moments business card instead of a glass slipper. No need to create unnecessary drama. Besides, glass slippers weigh too much to carry in a backpack. Where is my fairy godmother when I need her?





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