Sunday Night Check-In: Noodling Change


My conversation with my sister last weekend and my blog this week about “learning something new”  has really been on my mind this weekend. I found myself leaving my phone at home or alone for a good part of it in order to be present and see what else might turn up if I wasn’t distracted. There were even a few times this weekend that I wanted to take a picture and post it, and I told myself no just to see how it might feel.

I went to a fabulous birthday party for my friend Sally this weekend…


I noticed today that my mind wandered a lot creatively while I wasn’t engaged with my phone. Blogs tend to write themselves in my mind while I’m hiking or driving, and I don’t feel like that happens as much as it did in the past. It happened today in the vacuum while I was driving to see my parents, and I realized that I may have missed that kind of creative time when I was being distracted with other things. I’m going to continue to experiment with it. It felt good to be more unplugged. I even had time to call a girlfriend to check up on her. Normally, I would have just looked her up on Facebook, but I made myself call her because she was on my mind. We both were happy I did.

My slideshow… Disclaimer: these are not my images…. 

Katherine did a presentation on Teddy Roosevelt’s contribution to preserving our wilderness in this country at the April hiking club meeting. I organized a slideshow of images I found on the internet of the National Parks that he created. I had only been to one of those National Parks!! I was alarmed and realized that the clock is ticking. I have got to start going to some of those parks. So, I’m starting to think about when I could visit some of those parks. I don’t have tons of vacation time or money, but I will start accruing 3 weeks a year starting in July. I do feel a sense of urgency about it.

I’m noodling a trip to Big Bend over Christmas and New Years’ this year, and it appears that Glacier has guided backpacking trips every week in the summer. I need to see if I’ll have enough vacation time by the end of the summer to go this year …. or maybe I’ll go next year. At any rate, there are some options that I can afford! There are no doggies allowed in those parks, but I’ll show her the pictures. She’ll just have to understand. I doubt she wants to be grizzly bait anyway.

I went to a workshop yesterday at the Indigo Spiritual Center, and they taught us tools to detox our energy and our digestive systems. When I heard about it, I knew I didn’t want to do a food detox. I’m struggling enough with staying off sugar, and I don’t want to make it harder on myself than necessary. But, Lexlee told me it wasn’t a food detox, so I signed up. I learned some great things that I think will help me with my morning wake-up routine. I incorporated them into my morning practice this morning, and I actually didn’t want coffee. In fact, I hardly drank any caffeine at all and never felt the least bit drowsy today.

So, I’m noodling a lot of change right now. I want my life to look a little different. I want my vacations to be filled with backpacking and new places. I’d love to see some places out west. I’m considering changing my diet somewhat, and I’m thinking of stepping away from social media to some extent. While they may seem like small changes, they could be quite dramatic in their execution. I like being in a place of noodling change. I also like the fact that I leave for North Carolina in less than 7 days!! It’s almost here!

I realized today that I hadn’t had crawfish this season … or last year either! Thankfully, my parents offered up crawfish for lunch. It was a lovely spring day.

Y’all have a good week. Mine will be busy…..





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