Sunday Night Check-In: The Messenger




On the way down the mountain this morning, a hawk (or maybe a kite) landed on the fence by the side of our driveway. I stopped the car, and I stared at him. He stared waringly at me. I hurried to get my camera and was stunned that he stayed there long enough for me to get it out and get it ready. Unfortunately, he flew away just as I was shooting a picture. Hmmm… I thought.. I need to look up hawk medicine in my cards when I get back home.

The drive to our little townhouse…


I am at FoxHunt Resort in Sapphire Valley NC. It’s beautiful. My brother Terry and his wife Laura gave me a week here, and it’s so much more than I expected. In fact, it’s so nice that I’ve completely canceled any plans to camp while I’m up here. My friends Carryn and JoAnn are about an hour away, and we’ll all be hanging out in a very nice townhome on the side of a mountain until next Saturday.

Heather and Rick

Since they don’t allow pets here, I found a young man to take care of Ashok for the week about 40 minutes away in Brevard. We’ve been texting back and forth for over 4 months in order to get this together. Ashok is staying with Rick and his roommates in a cute little house on Burrell Avenue. After checking in last night, I drove over to Brevard to have dinner at Rick’s restaurant and then leave Ashok at his home.

Rick works at Wine Down on Main. They serve light meals and a variety of wines, but, of course, I don’t drink so I just had dinner. They had a really nice back porch where dogs are welcome, and Rick gave Ashok a bowl of water while I had Bruschetta and a creamy bowl of Potato and Leek soup. It was delicious. Ashok and I walked around town until he got off, and I followed his bicycle home. Heather, his fiancee, is also keeping an eye on Ashok as well as some of his roommates. They leave the door open so I can go get her anytime I want to go hiking. It works out great as Brevard is very close to a lot of the trails in Pisgah National Forest.

A window in downtown Brevard….



At Heather and Rick’s suggestion we hiked the Cat Gap Trail that starts at the local fish hatchery. It led me to another trail called John Rock , and I remembered Heather said that place was really nice. John Rock is a huge rockface with a panoramic view of the area. The hike up was lovely.

A stream followed the trail until we got into the higher elevations.  Wildflowers are profuse right now. The dogwoods, redwoods and fruit trees are in bloom as are many other trees that I don’t recognize by name. I saw several types of wild iris, trilium in three different colors (pink, white and blood red), and wildflowers of every other color under the rainbow. Ferns of all kinds are opening up and creating a lovely green carpet on the forest floor. It was a gorgeous sunny day and lots of people were out hiking.


While we were taking in the view on John Rock, several hawks soared by. They were catching the wind as it moved over the rock. They played and played and came back for more. Once again, I thought of the hawk this morning. Hawk was definitely talking to me today.

After sitting up on John Rock for awhile, we descended on another trail which was just lovely at the higher elevations. New growth was bursting out everywhere, and the sun and crystal blue sky was a lovely backdrop for scenic overlooks. It was extremly steep going down, and I was really glad we hadn’t hiked up on that trail. As steep as it was, I met a guy trail running. Amazing!


I bought some fresh local trout, broccoli, sweet potatoes and new potatoes to cook for dinner tonight.I don’t know if I was just really hungry, or the fresh air enlivened my taste buds, but it was delicious. The trout melted in my mouth, and as I ate it I remember a big trout I saw in a stream today. I thanked the trout for giving up his life for my well-being and felt extremely grateful.


Hawk is called the Messenger in my Medicine Cards. This is what my Medicine Cards say about Hawk.

… are to be aware of signals in your life – so notice and receive them. Hawk may be teaching you to grab an opportunity which is coming your way. On the other hand, Hawk may be bringing you the message that you should circle over your life and examin it from a higher perspective. From this vantage point you may be able to discern the hazards which bar you from freedom of flight. Remember: Hawk has a keen eye and a bold heart, for Hawk flies close to the light of Grandfather Sun.

Okay, Hawk. I’ll pay attention. Thanks for reminding me!



3 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: The Messenger

  1. Hey girl you sure getting around and havering fun.
    I’m no expert but it sure looks like a hawk. Kites tend to stay airborne, or purched HIGH up in a tree. They seem to like old dead trees. They (Kites) are beautiful birds of prey.
    I was once cutting a pasture with a tractor, and had maybe 15 a Kites “dive bombing” all around me. They were moping up on mosquito hawks.

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