Sunday Night Check-In: A Different Rhythm


“It’s Friday!!” a friend of mine posted on Twitter on Friday. Hmmmm … everyday is Saturday at the moment. When I started doing Sunday Night Check-Ins, it was a blog to mark the end of the weekend and the final countdown to the work week. But since tomorrow will have the same rhythm as today, yesterday and even last Thursday, my check-in – and the weekend or weekday – doesn’t really mean much.

I am struggling to get into a routine. You’d think with an entire day of free time, I’d find it easier to go workout, practice yoga and cook. But, I’m finding that none of that gets done because I keep thinking I’ll do it later in the day and “later in the day” never happens. Tomorrow I plan to go to my regular workout class at the YMCA at 5:45 AM. I know it’s early, but I’ve got to get back to some normalcy in my day.


I spent lots of time with family and friends this weekend. It rained most of the weekend, so there wasn’t much great weather for long walks or hiking. I met my parents at the Farmer’s Market and bought my weekly veggies and probably the last of the season’s local strawberries. I attended a resume writing workshop at the library where I met some other people who are looking for work. The rest of my time yesterday was spent researching the lifestyle of the digital nomad, updating my LinkedIn profile and making connections with others that I know are in the job market.

I am so extroverted that my first order of business when change is in the air is to build community with like-minded souls. Helping each other is so much easier than doing everything on my own, and I almost always make great connections that way. Awhile back, one of my blog readers reached out to me to tell me how she became a full-time RV’er, and I had the opportunity to meet her when she came through Baton Rouge. Since then, Karen and I have chatted back and forth, and she’s encouraging me to think about that lifestyle. I’m not sure if I want to do that, but I’m certainly open to exploring it. I like to try things on because sometimes things feel better when I get a taste of them than I imagine they would…. and vice versa.

Karen travels with her little dog Tippy and finds jobs around the country designed for people who live that lifestyle. She is currently headed out to the Gila Cliff Dwellings National Monument where she will be a guide. She’s also worked at Amazon at Christmastime in one of their shipping centers. Lots of businesses have designed jobs for these “nomads”, and Amazon has set up several locations where people can camp for free and work for 6-8 weeks out of the year. Last month she was looking for diamonds as her full-time job. This morning I read a bunch of other blogs about others who are digital nomads. I’m curious about how this works at the very least.

Today I spent the day at JoAnn and Robbie’s house watching movies. We watched “A Walk in the Woods”, “Inside Out” and “Up”. It was a nice day complete with some delicious red beans and rice, lots of fur babies and the support of good friends – as comfortable as an old pair of slippers. I came home and called one of the faculty members who used to work with me as we are both job-hunting. She’s in California, and I’m here, but we re-connected on LinkedIn recently and have been sharing referral letters and tips.


It feels weird tonight. All of my friends will be off to work in the morning, catching up and having a typical Monday free-for-all. I’ll go work out at the gym, have my green tea and begin making calls. I have appointments with a recruiter in North Carolina and a potential local writing client. I heard about a job opportunity in Memphis through one of my friends that will require follow-up, and I’ve got a couple other potential contract jobs brewing. I’ve even got plans to check out campers this week to see what that’s all about.

There’s a new rhythm to my day, and it’s actually not too bad. I also love meeting new people and learning new things, so I have things to be happy about. I have to set up an office as sitting cross-legged on my chaise lounge all day is not working for me. But I do have to say it’s kind of fun to be embarking on a new journey. It never hurts to change things up a bit.

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