Paint Your Life Into Being


My friend and energy coach Lexlee always reminds me that me and God are co-creators of my life. She says, and I quote, “You need to dream your life into being.” I’m learning that manifesting things is not about deciding what I want; it’s about getting into the energy that I want to feel. Like attracts like, so if I’m already feeling the way I want to feel, the Universe will match it with more things that make me feel that way.

It sounds a little like hocus pocus, but I experienced it when I went into my office and decorated my cubicle. I had just returned from my first energy session with Lexlee, and I decided that I wanted more color and energy in my life at work. I stepped into what that would feel like for me, and all of a sudden I couldn’t stand to be in that gray cubicle anymore. I decorated my cubicle, and I was surrounded by the things that I like.

Image by Christine Austin on

Amazingly enough – even though I’d been waiting two years – the very next week an office with a window opened up, and I got it for my very own. Apparently, I told my boss, in order to score a beautiful office, you must learn to love your little gray cubicle. I knew how I wanted my office to feel, and I created it. It reminds me of the saying that we need to “pray while walking”.


A lot has happened since then. Some of it I wouldn’t dream, but I also know that sometimes things have to happen so that doors will open for something better. So, it’s not really over until the fat lady sings. I’m waiting for the final credits to roll before I decide if this movie is one I’d like to recommend. I have a feeling it will all turn out exactly as it should.

Today my friend Chris texted me the link to the cartoon below. It’s a great reminder for me… and hopefully it will be a good reminder for you …. to paint exactly what you want in your life. (I highly recommend the short movie. It’s awesome!)

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