The Way I Like to Roll


Before I left on Wednesday on this impromptu, unplanned and budget-friendly junket, I said a little prayer and asked God to just show me what I ought to be doing and where I should go. I’ve always found that too much planning on these sorts of things sort of spoil the surprises that the Universe offers up. Not that I’m thinking that God sits up there planning entertainment for me, but I do think that if I just allow Him to show up, He does. And I sort of see it as a way of teaching me trust. If I learn to trust that my needs will be provided for in the simple things, I develop a stronger trust muscle for the bigger things like I’m experiencing now with my career. Besides, I think it’s fun to let go and see what happens. My silly ideas usually pale in comparison.

My friend MaryBeth and I have been trying on and off for a couple of years to find a time when they were at home and I was available for traveling when I could come over for a visit. I texted her thinking that it was a colossal long shot, but it worked out. The weather was beautiful, and we had a very nice time. In fact, it was very good timing and great medicine for me just to be with these good country souls who live in a beautiful spot on the banks of the river. They were the perfect hosts for me.

MaryBeth and Randy
I ran upon a little country store called Rype and Readi  while I was out looking for produce one afternoon. This place was phenomenal and featured organic produce, raw milk products, homemade cane syrup and raw local honey. I bought all that we needed for the weekend for meals, and we got to try some things none of us had eaten in awhile. It was quite the accident (maybe) that I found it as they didn’t really know where it was either.

In stumbling across Airbnb on the way in, I felt like I found a much better traveling resource. I usually stay in hotels that are pet-friendly, but with my budget, some are not as safe as I’d like. I have to walk Ashok in the dark, and I often find myself feeling nervous about my surroundings. But Airbnb puts me in neighborhoods, and I felt perfectly at home. The spots I picked were actually were much less expensive than my usual hotel choices. Plus I had guides that could tell me where to eat!

Last Night’s Lodging in Gulfport
I stayed at an Airbnb with a family in Gulfport last night. I rented a room in their house. They were really nice, and the house was very close to the beach. I was headed home today as it’s going to rain, and I need to stop spending money on lodging. I met my friend Phillip at the Mockingbird Cafe in Bay St. Louis on the way out, and his friend Sheila came by. We hit it off, and she gave me her card. I was excited that she owns some rental cottages here. I told her that I come into town frequently, and I’d love to find a place to stay on a regular basis and asked her about her rentals. She surprised me by offering to let me “try out” one of her cottages for the next two nights – at no charge!

So I guess I’m hanging out here virtual job hunting and living like a local until Thursday. Sheila has already told me about the other folks staying at her cottages, and it sounds like a fun group. One guy is from Memphis! While it rains cats and dogs in Baton Rouge for the next few days, I’ll hang out here and see what kind of interesting things the Universe puts in my path. If nothing else, I’ll get some good coffee at the Mockingbird and visit with some friends.

Have a happy day, y’all – whatever you’re doing. I dare you to quit planning things for a bit and see what shows up. It’s my favorite way to roll……




2 Comments on “The Way I Like to Roll

  1. I’ve been on the road for 185 weeks now, and people have asked me how I was guided to where I am and where I stay and I said “craigslist”. I’ve been bartering mostly, for places to stay, so I’d post ads in several towns, looking for a place and whichever turned out to be good, that is where I went. My present place was an Airbnb that I stayed in for 3 days, and after that, she asked about my barter offering.

    Other sites you can check are “VBRO” vacation spot rental by owner; Flip key and there is even a site that lists places where you can go and work and stay for a period of time. They have listings all over the world. And some places ask for the talents you offer 🙂

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