A Quaint and Lovely Place to Stay: Pink Heron Cottages


When I met Sheila last week – the owner of Pink Heron Cottages in Bay St. Louis – I fell in love with her immediately. She is friendly, down to earth and very enthusiastic. We had a lot in common, and our mutual friend Phillip left long before the two of us were done talking. I was thrilled when she handed me her business card, and I discovered she had some cottages for rent. I get tired of doing the day trip version of my travels there, but I also have a rather tight budget so I can’t always stay overnight. She told me that one of her cottages rents for $99 a night! That’s definitely within my budget.

Me and Sheila

Sheila generously let me stay for two nights to “try out” her cottages to see if I liked them. I think she took pity on my because I’d been laid off, but I was so happy to take advantage of her generous offer. The cottage is on Carroll Street, a short drive or walk from my favorite hangout in Bay St. Louis, the Mockingbird Cafe. 

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 11.33.49 AM

Sheila was working in the front foyer area of my cottage when I arrived. The front porch was remodeled into a little room with a desk and two bunkbeds. The cottages have one bedroom, but this one does have room for little ones – or extra friends that you don’t want to sleep with – if you brought them. She took me on a tour of the cottages, and I instantly fell in love with the place.

The full kitchen

Sheila bought the place from the adult children of the previous owner. She was the only owner of the home, and Sheila said the home was very outdated. Some rooms had pink carpet, and the kitchen had 4 layers of linoleum covering the almost perfect hardwood floors. In fact, the entire house has gorgeous hardwood flooring in its spacious rooms. The home has been divided into two large cottages, and a building out back features two smaller – but equally lovely – cottages. Of course, the house only had one kitchen, so the back cottage in the house has the full-size kitchen. The other units have a mini-kitchen with a small refrigerator, microwave, coffeemaker, and two-burner cookstove. Dishes and pots and pans are provided even in the mini-kitchens.

My cottage was in the front of the house, and it was about 1000 square feet. A full-size washer and dryer was in the bathroom, and the rooms were huge. Sheila has decorated the home with lots of great finds, and she eagerly told me about where she found the “bargains” that she used to make this place so charming. I could learn a lot from her on how to decorate on a budget.

The living area in the back of the house cottage.

After Sheila left, I went for a run in the rain with Ashok. We ran downtown and over to the beach. The cottages are in walking distance from all of downtown Bay St. Louis. Every morning, I went to the Mockingbird and had their delicious coffee and a full breakfast. The first night I was there, one of the gentleman from Memphis that was staying in the back cottage took me out to dinner. Each morning we had our first cup of coffee on their porch and chatted about the day. They were down here playing golf, and one of them was attempting to relocate here. He’s renting the cottage with the kitchen for six months.

I spent most of my down time doing this!


Oh yeah, Sheila has great rates for extended stays. For some of the cottages, she charges $500 for a week. She has even better deals for a month or more. For any special situations, give her a call. The thing I loved most about her is she’s building a little community. She told me about the Memphis guys beforehand. They had a big cookout the night before, and they invited me to trivia night at a local Mexican restaurant on Thursday. I had plans with family, but they were very friendly and welcoming just the same. I was sad to leave my new friends when my trip was over. Sheila said she likes to have long-term tenants. It’s just a bit easier that way.

Here’s my cottage listing on Airbnb….

Screen Shot 2016-05-22 at 12.02.07 PM

You can find the Pink Heron Cottages on Airbnb, and I saw them on VRBO. But, she also gave me her card. I’ve posted it below. And don’t forget to tell her you found out about her place on Midlife Moments Blog. I’d like to help her with advertising since she so generously helped me. I’m already thinking that Bay St. Louis and the Pink Heron Cottages sounds like a great getaway over the Christmas holiday….. assuming I’m working by then!


3 Comments on “A Quaint and Lovely Place to Stay: Pink Heron Cottages

  1. Oh, I wish I could go stay at the the Pink Heron Cottages right NOW!! I enjoy traveling vicariously with you, Sharon. All our travel recently has been college-kid related. The last 3 weekends have had trips from our place near Seattle across the state to Pullman – did you ever make that drive when you lived out here? I admit it can be some restful scenery, but 3 weeks in a row is wayyy too much! Thanks for posting photos so I can pretend I’m well-traveled!

    • I don’t think I ever went over to Pullman but I may just not remember. I was all over the place when I was out there. It was a lovely place, and I hope you can find a quick getaway soon. The break from work has done me good.

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