I Am Going Insane!!!

I am going insane!

I’m not sure an ENFP can work at home. I know people who do it, but I am feeling like I’m about to explode. My brain needs some interaction with someone that doesn’t have fur.


I’m going to have to figure this out because I have about six more weeks of it. I think I’ve texted everyone I know this week. If I didn’t text you, you will probably be contacted next week. I may even contact people I don’t even like next week. I don’t care if I like you or not, I need to talk to somebody!!


My animals are even becoming annoyed with my need for attention. I didn’t realize it would bother me this much. I was even excited about going in to visit the IT guy this week. He can’t stand me, but I got to get dressed and drive 2 minutes down the street to interact with someone. It was like a freaking Mardi Gras. And I made it even better by going down the hall and visiting with my old work friends. I finally ran out of work things to do, so I had to go home. It was horribly depressing.


One of my friends told me to start some projects. But I have to work! If I start projects, I know how I am. I will get distracted and forget that I actually have a job and that is the reason I’m at home. Then I will get fired and even the IT guy won’t talk to me anymore. So, no, I don’t think that will work.


Ashok has become really annoying as she seems to think that my job is feed her all day long. If I’m not in the act of feeding her – which only happens twice a day – she stares at me like I’ve forgotten to do something. I’m beginning to think she’s planning a hostile takeover and will try to trip me as I walk out of the room. Bella is acting funny too. Buster is the only one that is acting normally, but he’s an extrovert, too. We talk to each other all day.


It’s supposed to pour down rain all weekend which means that I’m stuck in this house most of the weekend. I may end up taking someone hostage. I’ll force them to listen to my ideas and talk to me. I’m still trying to figure out how I will force them, but I know I’ll think of something.

extrovert someecard

I saw some suggestions for extroverts who work at home which included getting out to a coffee shop before starting work, making lunch plans with friends and exercising with a group. After all that eating, I’ll need to exercise with a group, so I may have to put that plan together for next week. I mean, if I don’t do something this weekend, I’m going to go insane!! Michael suggested I build an ark. I suppose I could invite my friends in Houston to join me, and then I’d have friends to hang out with all week. I may have to consider the ark thing.


Thank heavens my friend JoAnn just invited me to breakfast in the morning. I also get a chance to go to the Farmer’s Market. I’m giving them money, so they will be happy to talk to me. I can’t wait. Maybe I’ll put together a list of things we can all talk about. Tomorrow is going to be freaking amazing. I’ll take photos and let you know how it goes.





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