Is There Anything but Bad News…


Well there’s nothing but bad news all around this morning. I was already depressed by the horrific and scary Orlando massacre and Donald Trump’s tweets alluding to the “rightness” of his political ideology, but then I saw a headline about the dropping oil prices once again. So, I followed that thread because I’ve already been laid off once due to Louisiana budget woes which will only get worse with continued oil price plunges. Seems the legislature is bickering over there, too, with no good news in sight.

I’m looking for solutions, and everybody seems to have one but nobody seems to be able to make any headway with any of them. We are all fighting like cats and dogs – stuck in a holding pattern on every issue that desperately needs resolving. My initial reaction is to get angry like everybody else because there seems to be no hope of us becoming a world where respect and dignity and love and prosperity wins. But then I realized I’m not angry. What I really feel is a deep sense of loss and sadness that shakes me to my soul.

I don’t have any answers. I can’t offer any solutions. I’m just a simple country girl trying to figure out how to live in a world where it’s scary to walk outside my door and even scarier to hole up inside. The only answer I have is to let the tears flow and feel what I really feel which is a deep hopelessness that has no end. And at the end of that tearful track, I just send love and understanding and compassion to all of those afflicted by and consumed by the deep well of hate that seems doomed to take over this planet.

The opposite of love is not hate but fear. When will we all understand that what we feel is NOT anger? Anger is a secondary emotion that is meant to protect us from being hurt. What we really feel underneath that anger is either sadness, hopelessness or fear. But it just feels too vulnerable to feel what we really feel, so we get angry and lash out at the “other side”. And the acting out of anger just causes more fear. It is an endless cycle of human angst that is misplaced and, unfortunately, contagious. And what we don’t get … what we really can’t see … is that there is no “other side”. Whatever we put out there comes back to us because we are all on the same side – on the face of a planet that is getting smaller every day.

All I know is that whatever I put into the world today will come back to me in spades. I want to scream and rail against what is happening with the Louisiana budget, LGBT rights, bigotry, climate change, our sad choice of Presidential candidates, gun violence and the endless list of problems affecting humanity. I would love to affix blame to some political ideology, group of people or policy. But that just creates more animosity, and I really believe the problems we have are much more complex than that. The only way I know to make a difference  in my world today is to embrace it all in love and light and compassion …. and to stay off social media. I believe in the concept of reaping what you sow or karma or whatever you want to call it. I choose to sow love and see what might come of it. We all have a choice on how to respond today. Let’s try something different for a change.


2 Comments on “Is There Anything but Bad News…

  1. You can always go to my Empower and Balance FB page where there are many posts about the shift into the light that we are in the midst of now. The dark you see is the last battles and clearing of the dark on this planet. The light is getting brighter, exposing the dark. Soon you will see that of which you dream.

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