It’s HERE!!!


IT’S HERE!!! I dread it all year long, and now it is upon me. The only good thing about it being here is that it’s a shorter time for it to be OVER, and it will be 365 days before summer comes back. Let me be crystal clear …. I HATE THIS SOUTHERN LOUISIANA SUMMER!!! Got it?

Hiking season has completely ground to a halt, Ashok is now relegated to short walks outside in the dark, and I’m consuming nothing but ice water, cold brew coffee, watermelon and kefir. My neck is constantly dabbed with peppermint essential oil for its cooling effect, and I smell like a candy cane dressed in wet gym clothes. The most time-consuming – and expensive – part of my day is slathering fifteen hair products on these curls to keep the frizz down to a manageable level without looking like a wet noodle. It’s a delicate balancing act, and I’m doing much better with it this year than last. I suppose I’m learning.


I did end up investing in linen sheets. I bought them at Restoration Hardware on sale for $200 which is a steal for linen sheets. I was tired of sweating under my high-dollar cotton sheets, and the blogs on the internet told me that linen would be cooler and would last me 20 years. So, if I even that $200 out over 20 years, I’m spending $10 a year for beautiful, soft linen that is indeed much, much cooler. I couldn’t be happier in my investment. Besides, when I go to bed at night and wake up in the morning, I have at least a few minutes feeling like a rich gal who can indulge in all the comfort I want. Money isn’t everything, but there are some things that money CAN buy, and linen sheets is one of them! Even my animals seem to like them.


I’m still playing with the thermostat to figure out what temperature is just right. The thing I hate about AC is the cycling. I’m cold when it’s running, and then 5 minutes after it cycles off, I’m too hot. I also have ceiling fans which levels it out somewhat but makes it cooler when the AC is on. I may spend the rest of my life trying to figure out how to maintain an even temperature without melting down in a pool of sweat. I suppose it gives me something to do while I’m locked indoors for July, August and September. This last two weeks in June is a bonus heat wave.

Ashok is bored out of her mind because we are not doing anything fun, but when I take her outside she pants and moans and literally stops in the middle of the road and stares at me. “WTF,” she seems to ask, “Why are we living here?” Since I’m in the same mood when I’m outside, I can’t really console her except to assure her that we can’t always be happy, and this time of year is the time we suck it up so we can enjoy a more temperate climate the rest of the year. At least that’s what I keep telling myself!


I’m headed to Bay St. Louis over the weekend with my friend Jadine from Houston. At least there will be a breeze, good coffee, like-minded companionship and great food. She’s even going to adopt the first babies from my kefir grains. So, my grains will have a Houston branch percolating soon. I’ll focus on the perks of staying inside by catching up with friends and hanging out dressed up like a girl instead of a backpacker. It adds a little variety to my life, I guess!

Stay cool, y’all. The worst is yet to come! 😦



13 Comments on “It’s HERE!!!

  1. Hang in there! My a/c was out for a few days two weeks ago.. ugh… discovered I inherited a very old unit. Waiting for it to explode….

      • Yes, I bought a town home.. along with a 36 year old a/c condenser unit 😦 so much for inspections…

      • Lol. Well things do fail unfortunately. When I sold my house, it was a big selling perk. There are benefits. Plus if it was that old you will have s much more energy-efficient unit.

  2. I grew up in So. AZ so I understand heat. I could not live in a humid climate like yours though. I prefer fall over summer, dry climates over humid.

  3. Question…do you have to iron the linen sheets? Are they soft? I only use cotton knit sheets as I love the softness and regular cotton sheets feel so stiff to me. But…cotton knit sheets are hot in the summer.

    • I don’t iron. I actually like the wrinkles. But if that would drive you crazy, you wouldn’t like them. That’s the one thing nag the storekeeper told me when I asked if there were negatives.

  4. It’s a shame Louisiana doesn’t have indoor dog parks for the poor pooches. You have reverse hibernation, I guess – instead of holing up all winter long, you have to do it in summer. You’re familiar with Seattle weather – we’ve got our end-of-June rainys that usually last until the day after the 4th of July, then the really nice stuff can start. I am more than ready to shed the jackets and long pants!

    • I’ll bet! I remember wishing for warmth when I lived there. And that’s the way I think about it… I’m going to be hibernating 3-4 months wherever I am. 😉

  5. I know it’s the humidity that really gets to you, but I love the heat. We don’t turn on the AC until it’s at least 85 in the house.
    Love wearing running clothes around the house and not being cold!

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