Whew … What a Week!


For a four-day workweek, this one was a killer. Yesterday was supposed to be my closing date, but it slipped, so now I close on the house Tuesday. I’m looking forward to getting settled in my new home with my animals and my belongings. The last month has felt more like six months, and I think I’ve gotten as much done as I would in six months. It’s been productive, exciting, infuriating and expensive. I’m very happy to be cuddled up on my temporary sofa writing.

It’s going to be a rainy day, but I hope to get a run in before it starts. I’ve also planned a few things to take care of me today – painting my toes, deep-conditioning the curls and curling up with Undaunted Courage. I have been enjoying a bounty of fresh fruits and veggies as this is peak harvest time in Southwest Michigan. It seems as if every fruit is at its best right now, and I’m savoring every bite. It will be cooling down soon, and I know that party will end rather abruptly thereafter.


At some point this weekend, I want to get my stuff sorted and washed so that I can easily pack next week. The movers are supposed to arrive at my new place right after closing, and my plan at the moment is to just get my stuff in and shut the door until the weekend. Work has been really intense, and I don’t want to divide my time and energy while I need to be focused on that. There will be plenty of time on the weekend to sort it out. Besides, I want to bring my animals home when it’s a little more normal. They got really stressed during the move to Louisiana, and they are coping much better with this one since I’m settled in one place. No need to mess that up.

We all have hard things to do in life, but this is one of the harder ones for me. I do it often enough so you’d think I’d have it pinned down better by now, but it’s always really difficult for me. Relocating is a lot of work, and I have to do it all. The hardest part for me is dealing with all of the new people with conflicting and urgent needs for my attention. And to make it more difficult, I’ve had limited cell phone service and wi-fi. Communication has been difficult at times and mostly by text. The lack of context in a text can mess things up more than I’d like to admit. And yesterday I found out that my voicemail has not been working for a month. I had 24 unread messages of varying degrees of sensitivity and urgency in my inbox. It was the worst possible timing for a technology snafu.

The locals are complaining about how hot and humid it is. I was walking into Whirlpool yesterday morning, and a coworker laughed about his glasses being fogged up when he got out of the car. I was just thinking about how it didn’t feel that much different than some mornings in Louisiana. I stopped at Lark’s BBQ yesterday to see my friend Marv and grab lunch. A young man at the counter was from New Orleans, and we chatted about the flooding. On the way out, I was behind a car with a Florida Gators license tag. There are plenty of southerners here with our drawling accents and poor winter driving abilities. And I’m sure we all giggle a little when Michiganders complain about the heat.


This weekend I’ll be shopping at LL Bean online. I need to buy a winter coat and some snow boots among other things. I plan to give them a call to see if they’ll give me a “stock-up” discount. A snow shovel is on my list as well as a brush and ice scraper. I need to pace it financially, so I’ll try to get a couple of things a month until I’m ready. I’m told there is “ice melt” that is safe for a dog’s paws, and I’ll need a bag to put on my front porch for tossing on the steps and sidewalk. She’ll need a coat and snow boots herself. And to top it off, I rescheduled my Smoky Mountain backpacking trip once more, and now I’m signed up for a winter backpacking trip in February. I need to learn how to camp in the winter here. The adaptation has begun.



4 Comments on “Whew … What a Week!

  1. Going back to work after the flood was pretty intense this week. Our Central Office staff is housed in my computer lab and doubled up with every office staff member. All the ancillary teachers, music, art, Spanish, PE, and me computer have to travel from class to class because we have 1st graders in our room. Imagine having at least 850 new people squeezed on your campus. It’s working but half of our employees are also dealing with flooded houses, no cars, etc and then Tanglewood teachers lost their classrooms. Everyone is handling it great on the outside, but we can’t help give off some negative vibrations. I hope you get settled soon.

    • Oh my! That sounds crazy! I’m so sorry you guys are having to deal with all this. I can’t even imagine. And the stress will take a toll eventually. Hugs to you girlfriend. Hang in there.

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