Sunday Night Check-In: Hardwood, Antiques and Lake Trout



Last week was a killer at work. We have a big training event this week, and I’m the Training Manager. So, I was swamped and worked longer hours than I can remember working in a long time. But I think we are ready. In fact, by Friday morning – even though Friday was brutal – I was singing on the way into work. Tomorrow will be a big day for me, and I’ll be glad when 5:00 PM chimes.


There’s no rest for the weary at home either. Since I already started taking the carpet up in the hallway, I have to keep that train rolling. I pulled up the carpet in the living room and took up staples most of the rest of the afternoon. It was gross under that carpet. I don’t know if I’ll ever be able to live with carpet again. In the high-traffic areas, the pad had emulsified and merged with the wood in an almost impossible to remove grip. After donning knee pads and scrubbing with a brush and Murphy’s Oil Soap, I had to scrape up the resulting gel-like substance with a plastic scraper. It was totally disgusting, and I ruined all my towels trying to clean it up. The good news is a contractor looked at it today and said it will clean right up when it’s sanded and refinished. I’m stoked but have to wait awhile for my turn in line.

I took a break this morning and went down to the Antiques on the Bluff with my neighbor Bobbie. Our lawn man, John, and his wife Marge are hot dog vendors on the bluff which overlooks Lake Michigan. It’s a lovely place to be and was a nice, relaxing outing. John fixed me a Chicago Dog with his “twisted” sauce that he calls his St. Joe Dog. It was delicious, and I quite enjoyed talking with him and Marge for an hour or so. He asked me to help him come up with a unique dog for next year. I’m noodling how to make a Cajun dog. He turned up his nose at alligator, but I might have to talk him into trying it.

I spent the rest of the afternoon shopping for slippers and winter clothing at TJ Maxx and then came home to study my training material for tomorrow. I roasted the most amazing cauliflower from the Farmer’s Market and the last of my smoked Lake Trout for dinner. I don’t know if this is the trout I ate, but here’s a taste of Lake Michigan fishing. Enjoy! I have to get an early start tomorrow.  I hope y’all have a great week.  

3 Comments on “Sunday Night Check-In: Hardwood, Antiques and Lake Trout

  1. Good luck tomorrow. You’ll be great!

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