Night Moves … Down on Main Street

Today was a day of too many spreadsheets and not enough love. I came home exhausted but couldn’t stop working until I made a dent in the mountain of stuff on my list. My appliances for my kitchen finally arrived, and I had my head down working while the guys removed the door of the fridge to jam it through my door. They were working hard, but I didn’t have much sympathy since I was killing myself, too.


They got my attention when I heard them say “It doesn’t fit.” I looked up. They both looked at me and the big guy said, “It’s not going to fit. You’re going to have to get somebody with a saw to open this up a little more.” I knew it. I worked in customer service for Whirlpool long enough to hear a hundred customers complain that they had to redo their opening because it wasn’t big enough. But the guy said it was about 2 cm on either side, so it’s not that big of a deal. I just have to find a guy with a saw, and I didn’t get to cook dinner tonight.

I drove down to Caff Tosi and bought a container of their yummy minestrone soup to heat up in the microwave. Ashok was looking at me with those big brown eyes, and I knew I had to take her for a walk, but I was dog tired. I thought I’d just take her around the block, but once I got outside all of the spreadsheets and centimeters and irritating issues just flew out of my head. I decided to head down to the beach.

The lake was quiet.. the water lapping against the shore. The sun was long gone, and there was just a hint of light on the horizon casting a glow behind the clouds. The moon hung high in the sky, and Ashok and I enjoyed the peace and quiet. There was a guy on his cell phone walking and a couple with their dog. The crowds of the summer were just a memory. It was peaceful in this sweet little Midwest town.

Silver Beach Pizza was hopping with their new outdoor addition, and I could hear the patrons laughing and talking as the night carried their voices down to the shore. I walked up the stairs on the bluff and took a minute to appreciate this lovely little place on the lake. It was nights like this that brought me back here. I even imagined what it’s going to look like snowy white with icicles hanging from the eaves. It has it’s charm then, too. And even though I don’t want to rush it, I’m looking forward to a change of season.

Bob Seger was singing Night Moves as I strolled through the lovely Victorian neighborhood, and as I crossed over Main Street, I remembered he had one about that, too. I didn’t remember where he was from, but it’s no wonder his music danced in my head tonight. He’s from the Detroit area, so Michigan is his home. Perhaps he was writing of a town just like this one so many years ago.

I haven’t been writing a lot lately. I’ve been tired. Work is hard. In the last month every weekend has been spent getting my house in order. I promised myself tonight that I will start writing again and get back to my life. Fall will slip away quickly, and I will have missed it. Maybe my walk tonight is not the kind of night moves Bob Seger was remembering, but to me it felt awesome.

Good night, y’all. Take a minute to enjoy the evening. The moon waits for no one.

2 Comments on “Night Moves … Down on Main Street

  1. Bob Seger is my absolute favorite. Wishing I was sharing in your experiences tonight. Can’t wait to see it for myself one day .


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