Great Evening for a Run




After last week’s push with training and getting my floors done, Monday seemed like a cake walk. I got done with work around 5, and I headed home to get Ashok to go for a long-awaited run. I’ve been sporadic at best the last few weeks, and I’m feeling it. She was boarded last week so I know she was anxious to get out. I could hardly wait to put on a windbreaker and my running shoes to get out the door.

We ran the mile downtown, and I decided that we would head out on the pier beside the lighthouse. When I lived here before, I went out there all the time, but I haven’t been since I moved back. We meandered through downtown, over the sidewalk on the beach and headed out toward the lake.

It was very breezy, and the whitecaps were kicking up and over the lighthouse. I’ve seen it a lot worse, but when it’s worse, you really can’t get out there. It was just a perfect evening to get a feel for the power of Lake Michigan when the wind is blowing off the water. I’d forgotten about the wind here. Louisiana had monsoon rains that blew my mind, and St. Joseph has wind that rattles my windows and makes me worry about the stability of my house.


After hanging out a bit at the end of the pier, we turned around and ran home. I cooked some cabbage soup, roasted carrots and applesauce for dinner, and I was able to actually sit down and blog tonight. I hope the rest of the week brings some normalcy, and I can get back on track with my exercise and eating right.

Good night, y’all!


10 Comments on “Great Evening for a Run

  1. Sharon, I lived in Duluth, Minnesota for a year on Lake Superior. There is nothing quite like it, especially in the winter.

  2. I live just a hop skip from that lovely lighthouse and Jean Klock park. Lovely photos! You know growing up in mid-Michigan we always thought of Grand Haven or maybe Holland as good Lake Michigan beaches, but St. Joe/Benton Harbor are far and away lovelier!

      • Sure! Just hit me up some early Saturday morn. We live close to Bigby and Mosaic which are two of my favorites. I don’t really drive but a handful of times a year (eyesight…) so I walk to work and downtown. My hubby drives me around if I have someplace to go, but I try to be independent when I can be!

      • Did we exchange contact info. I’m available this weekend, and it’s early Sat morning. I can even pick you up if you like.

      • I’m running downtown at 10:30. If you want we can meet at any one of the cafe’s. Bigby’s, Broad Street, or Chocolate… What fun!

      • Oh- and one more, my ph# is nine eight five three seven two four. The local area code of course.

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