Should I … or Shouldn’t I?

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For the last six months, I’ve been noodling letting my hair go gray. When I wore my hair really short, I never worried about gray. I tossed some store-bought hair dye on my locks and cut it off every month as it grew out. Color was not a problem. Actually, my hair was not a problem. I had very little of it and loved it. But, since I’ve let my hair grow the last three years, I’ve had to start “having my roots done”. Salon time is so NOT me. It drives me crazy having to keep up with this.

My friend Laura is one of my first girlfriends who decided to kick the habit and let her natural locks come in. She’s edgy and stylish and smart and professional. What’s not to love?


And my sexy friend Keri has always had gorgeous platinum locks. She went gray really early in her life. People compliment her hair all the time, and she’s so young, they probably think she dyes it that way.


Today, Keri posted this pic of this 60 year old swimsuit model who has always embraced her silver hair. I keep tabling the whole “gray” issue because of the commitment it will take (and the worry of what it will look like), but her post got me to thinking.


So I spent awhile this afternoon reading about women who have made the transition to gray. Just like the transition to curly hair, it takes time and energy and products. It also takes a change of perspective. I had to grow into my curls. I think it’s time I grew into my gray. At least the curls will keep it interesting.

My friend Jerry suggested that I look for an app to see how my hair might look gray. One of my hairstylists told me that gray won’t look good on me with my warm skin tone. And it may not. I know I don’t really like highlights in my hair that much. But, the thing is, gray is not a style. It’s my hair. And it doesn’t mean that I can’t enhance it with some special effects. I just won’t have to be going in to color my roots like some kind of slave to hair dye. I’ve never liked being told what to do, and I don’t like my hair telling me what to do either.

So I found this app that let’s you try out hairstyles, and I tried on the gray. Granted, my hair color may not be just like this. I know for a fact that I am entirely gray at my temples, but only about 40% – 50% gray on the top of my head. I may end up looking like a mess, but I’d love to know what it really looks like so I can make a decision on whether or not I like it. I’ve often thought I’d like to put a colorful stripe in it just for fun. Or maybe I would decide to add some lowlights or highlights. There’s all kinds of things I could do that would not involve the root drama every 5 – 6 weeks.

My friend Jenny says I’m still too young for gray. Maybe I am. Maybe I’m ready for gray. I guess I’ll never know until I try. But I see all of these beautiful women embracing their gray, and I found out today that many of my friends are already making the journey. It feels like a bold way to say that I am embracing all that I am right now.

8 Comments on “Should I … or Shouldn’t I?

  1. I’m doing grey. I’m simplifying and I don’t like the fake feeling that dye gives. It just isn’t me. I may change my mind. But for now I feel like I’ve earned them. Sara is responsible for a lot. Ashlynn is responsible for some. We should talk about it sometime.

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    • I would love to! That’s exactly the thing that bothers me. I don’t do anything else fake. It’d be one thing if I had to make the choice once in a Blue moon. But being that it’s coming so often now it just feels inauthentic. Besides, as much negativity as I heard about menopause, I love the freedom! Maybe this will be the same.

  2. I think you should do it! Your curls will look amazing! Just keep using Olaplex!!

    Miss you!

  3. I’ve been doing one thing or another to my hair since I was 13, colors (all of them) perms you name it. I decided earlier this year that I was done coloring my hair (it just takes too much time) For the last 6 months as the grey’s have appeared (and some putrid dishwater blonde colored roots) I have been telling people that I have earned every one of my greys (I have even named some of them)…. but now my sweet sweet (sacrastically choked out) daughter who is getting married in a couple months says “Mom, will you FIX your hair before my wedding?” 😦 Not sure how I am going to handle this since I have absolutely no interest in following the status quo or conforming)…. but she is my baby and it is the only thing she has asked of me for this wedding….

  4. crap, I forgot to mention…when I DO grow it out, I’m thinking lots of really really blonde/grey highlights throughout all of my hair to make the “blend” better…. 4 inches of roots look terrible
    Good luck!

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