A Few of My Favorite Things


So, it’s been a week since it started snowing here. The first snow was like a practice run, and it melted almost 24 hours later. But the lake effect stuff started on Saturday in full force, and we are now buried in it. In fact, we are about to be frozen in it as the temps look pretty grim for the next few days. In fact, for the next 10 days, the highest we’ll see is 33 degrees on two days only. The rest of the time we’ll be in the deep freeze. The silver lining is I didn’t move to Buffalo….


I think I’m better suited for winter than the heat down south. It just doesn’t bother me to get bundled up and go walk my dog. I think it’s beautiful out, and the truth is I think winter is just cozy. About March I’ll be ready to move on to something less cozy, but I love winter clothes, hot drinks and cuddling up on the couch reading. I even like doing yoga upstairs in my toasty warm yoga floor.


This evening I came home, changed clothes, bundled up Ashok, and we walked around the neighborhood and through the park. Now, it’s a little dicey doing that because the snow has melted and refrozen, and another coat of snow has been layered on top. So, I have to slow my step and shuffle more. I forget sometimes, and I get a warning slip that reminds me that me and Toto are not in Kansas anymore.

My favorite cozy things…

The one thing that drives me crazy is the continual putting on and taking off clothes. In order to go to work, I get up, get dressed for the gym in my gym clothes with my snow boots on. I get to the gym, put on my tennis shoes and take off my coat and gloves. When I leave I have to put the boots and coat and gloves back to go home. Then I have to change in outdoor “dog-walking” clothes which means I have to put on a few more layers. Then I shower, get dressed in my work clothes and my snow boots. I pack my regular boots to put on when I get to the office. Then when I leave the office I have to do it all over again. It drives me nuts!


But I am finding some of my favorite things. I’m loving my chamomile citrus tea for sipping in the evening. My snow boots from LL Bean are the bomb. My feet haven’t been cold once. I love my brown parka which was a Lands’ End purchase while in Memphis. My coziest hat is one that I bought in Chicago. A piping hot bowl of minestrone soup from Caffe Tosi is my “go-to” dinner. And I’m loving a new yoga series from Yoga with Adrienne on YouTube. While it took awhile to get my yoga floor like I like it, it’s become one of my favorite spaces.


Wool seems to be my favorite fabric at the moment. My cozy second-hand wool blankets are so warm that I wake up sweating in the middle of the night even though I keep the thermostat really low. My neighbor gave me a wool sweater that she was trying to unload in a garage sale. I wear it almost everyday I’m home layered over a Smartwool base layer that I bought for backpacking last year. Some polartec tights from LL Bean complete the cozy, warm outfit, and I finish it off with a cozy pair of slippers. A good day is one sitting on my futon sipping tea wrapped up in my woolens. And the wool is great outdoors and for skating, too! It’s so versatile.


I’m still searching for the perfect gloves. I bought some sweater fleece gloves from LL Bean that I really like, but, since the temps are dropping, they don’t feel as warm anymore. I really need something that is waterproof. If you have any suggestions, I’ll need something soon. It’s just getting colder, and I’m miserable when my hands are cold. I suppose I could tuck some hand warmers in there. That might be a good fix. Any other ideas?


With my walk done already, I’m hunkered down and cozy right now. I think I’ll go do a little yoga to stretch out before I go to bed and read. I’m reading a biography of Einstein. I just love that guy.


5 Comments on “A Few of My Favorite Things

  1. Love the snowflakes. I don’t know how you did that, but it’s great. The “Buffalo” comment is hilarious. Your yoga room is lovely. Keep this post and compare it to the one you write in March. Stay warm, Sweetie. Give Ashok a hug for me.

    • Thank you for reading. At first I couldn’t remember what I said about Buffalo thinking of the four-legged variety. Ashok is making her “outside” runs a little shorter I noticed. I think I need to dig her a path so she can go do her business without drowning in snow. Yes, it will be interested to see if my tune changes by March! I know I got weary of the “snow routine” when I was up here before.

      • Oh yeah, and the snowflakes are just an option on WordPress. I checked that I wanted “snow” on my blog in December. It actually happens every year.

  2. Burrr…It was really cold on Saturday down south but that only lasted a day, Ha. I love your snowflakes…you have to tell me how you did that. I went to a new yoga class on Monday and I feel like a new person 🙂 Take care and bundle up…sounds like you got a good thing going on up there in your Winter Wonderland. Hugs!!

    • Thank you for commenting! Yes, I keep waiting for it all to melt, but it’s probably not likely for a long time. WordPress has an option to check for “snow” on your blog in December. So, I didn’t do too much to make that happen. I’m about to start bundling up now for the day! I’m afraid Ashok’s two-a-day walks are becoming a one-a-day for awhile. 😦

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